Hello my beautiful friends. Thank you for joining me today. This is the last of a sort of four-part series we are doing on Elemental Magick. We have already spoken on Earth, Air, and Fire Magick, and today we are going to talk about Water magick. You can of course go back and listen to the previous episodes if you are just now joining us, and also welcome to the podcast, but it isn’t necessary.

These are total stand-alone episodes so have no fear, you’re going to be able to follow along just fine without any previous knowledge or context. So, water magick. What do we think about that, or what comes to mind? Um, well the element of water is associated with the subconscious. Water also carries with it connotations of death and the afterlife, but also renewal and regeneration. 


Other issues with strong water connotations are emotions, especially empathy. This is frequently why empaths are drawn to water. Empaths will soak in a hot tub until the water is stone cold to protect themselves and to insulate them from outside emotional energies and to recharge their batteries as well.


Water magick is also really healing, it’s nurturing, it’s reminiscent of the womb. When we think about white noise machines and white noise apps there are always ocean sounds, rain sounds, river sounds, and this is in my humble opinion because it reminds the psyche of what we heard in the womb. If you’ve ever heard an ultrasound, a fetal sonogram, there’s the rhythmic sound of the rushing of blood and the soul remembers that. 


We turn to water magick in matters of intuition, imagination, and psychic knowledge. Water speaks of dreams and divination, and mysticism. Water is associated with the moon, and the way the tides are affected by the path of the moon and its phases. 


And so, to my mind, at least, water is indelibly linked to witchcraft. Because aside from sweating over our cauldrons all day, what we really want to do is have prophetic visions and predict catastrophes and read signs in our tea leaves and all of that mystical, water magick shit.


Now we have talked about water magick in its different iterations before; I have spent hours talking about herbal teas and how we can use them to support our intentions by ingesting herbs that correspond with our desired outcomes. I am a huge proponent of tea for medicinal and spiritual use and this is basic, basic witchcraft. It’s also water magick. If I’ve been working a bit prosperity spell, I can give myself an advantage by drinking cinnamon and clove tea. Make yourself some Rich Bitch juice. And this is where having a solid foundational knowledge of herbs, or at least a really good herbalism book, comes in damn handy.


If we want to combine our knowledge of water magick, and herbalism, as well as the phases of the moon, we can make moon water that we use in our tea, that we steep with our mindfully selected herbs to make a really, really powerful potion. And we apply that same knowledge to create a ritual bath as well. And please do not underestimate the power and the benefits of a good ritual bath. 


It’s an excellent way to start a larger ritual or spell. By washing ourselves intentionally with water and combining herbs specifically chosen with our intentions in mind, we can set ourselves up to be vessels to receive our manifestations. It’s the perfect way to begin a big spell. Washing away old, lingering energies and then pouring on water that’s been steeped with herbs that align with our intentions makes it a lot easier for our manifestations to find us.


So steeping a few cups of water with herbs that match our issues and then using that water in a shower or bath is so stupid easy and just really effective. So bathe with cinnamon water before you begin your prosperity work. Bathe with rose water before your love spell. Basil water before your protection spell, lavender water before your healing spell, and so on and so forth.


Combine the power of water magick with the power of herbal magick and set yourself up for absolute success in all of the spell work that you do. And I’ve done hours and hours of episodes of herbal magick if you’re looking for somewhere to start. It’s so easy. 


And with all that behind us, I want to get to the fun, like hands-on part of this episode where we talk about how we can use this information in our own lives in our own craft. How do we put all this knowledge into good, practical use? Well I’m glad you asked. If we don’t put all this to practical use, then all we’ve really accomplished is a good old fashioned info dump. And while that’s not the worst thing in the world, I really just am such a proponent of doing spell work. Performing rituals. Taking action. 


Now, I make a Hex-Breaking soap that I carry in the Etsy shop and I’m going to share that recipe here but I’m also going to share the Hex-Breaking Body Wash recipe too, because it’s a little easier to make at home. Not everyone has all the kit you need to make bar soap, but body wash doesn’t require a lot of gear. So we are going to go through both of those recipes here today. I’ve really loved sharing the ritual oils in these episodes, these Elemental Magick episodes because they’re so nice to have on hand.


We can break down nearly all of the spell work we do into one or more elemental correspondences, and so by having a ritual oil on hand that represents each of the four elements, you know, it just makes it simple to put together a spell for just about any intention. So, if you missed the previous three episodes you can certainly go back and either listen to them or get the transcripts from the website, middleagedwitch.com. And you can make these oils at home, using things you probably already have on hand.


And even though this isn’t a ritual oil in the most obvious sense of the phrase, it can be used in a ritual bath or shower and therefore is technically a ritual oil and therefore technically counts. So, the Hex-Breaking soap that I sell in the shop is made with a goat’s milk base and shea butter, now, that’s just for moisture. Like, we want to be able to protect ourselves from negativity and the evil eye and energy vampires, but we also want our skin to be soft.


But to that base, we add some olive oil for purification, healing and protection, rosemary oil for hex-breaking, defense, and empowerment, lavender oil for confidence and to overcome challenges, and thyme oil for personal power and blocking negativity. I also set every bar of soap with several tumbled obsidian stones for protection and to clear obstacles.


But if you’re not a soapmaker and you’re not interested in getting a bunch of soapmaking gear, here is my recipe for Hex-Breaking shower gel which is just as effective. Instead of the goat’s milk soap base and shea butter, we are going to start with liquid castile soap and vitamin E or almond oil. That’s going to be our base for the shower gel. 


From there, we are going to add our oils, the rosemary oil, lavender oil and thyme oil. And I mentioned it last week, but it bears repeating to please make sure to use cosmetic grade or therapeutic grade essential oils. Especially in these recipes since they’re specifically meant to be used on the body. If you’re making an oil strictly to anoint candles, then it won’t be the end of the world if you use fragrance oils, but for the sake of your skin and your urinary tract, if you plan to use it in the bathtub, please find cosmetic grade or therapeutic grade oil. 


The ratios that you use are going to be up to you and you know, don’t go too crazy on the essential oils. We don’t want to make our soap too harsh for our skin and we don’t want the scent to be too overwhelming, so just add a few drops of each oil at a time until you’re happy with it. And then mix it all very well until everything is completely blended, and then just put your shower gel into a bottle and add a few tumbled obsidians.


This is how I make mine, I’ve been very happy with it. And it’s not only for when you specifically feel like someone has purposely hexed you. While I do use this when I feel like I am under any kind of psychic attack, I also just like to use this when I feel like things just aren’t clicking for me. When things aren’t going as smoothly as they should be. When I feel like my energy is low and heavy, when I feel like my efforts aren’t really paying off like they should. When I have some big intentions that I’m trying to put into motion and I want to be sure that there’s nothing in the way of my manifestations. This soap is beneficial in a very multifaceted, multilayered way. It’s not only for when you believe you’ve been hexed.


So take my recipe for your own personal use with my blessings and just get out from under any dark clouds that might be overshadowing your efforts. When you use this soap, do it with intention. Begin by scrubbing yourself down from the crown of your head all the way to the soles of your feet and then allow the element of water to carry away all the spiritual grime, the energetic dirt. That’s what this is about. Water is so cleansing and we can be very intentional in how we apply water magick to our desire to clear the metaphorical cobwebs off of us.


So please, engage in all of the elemental magick. Use it well, experiment with different methods. See how you can align your intentions with one or more elements to support your spell work. Think big, think outside the box, get creative. Elemental magick is such a back-to-basics kind of witchcraft. Because it works with nature, it cooperates with natural forces that are all around us and that we are a part of. And that’s some witch-ass shit. So.


Please have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend and meet me back here next week. My name is Eli Ro, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch Podcast. 


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