Welcome to autumn witches! We are here, we are ready to party, this is witch season. It’s our time to shine. Oh, we also have the full Harvest moon in Aries tomorrow, should be a lot of fire energy in the air so let’s try and keep a level head. If it can’t be helped, then whatever, we tried. Right? Aries energy is intense and it is outspoken and it encourages us to advocate for ourselves and for anyone who could use the support. So if our tempers get heated or if we find ourselves in a disagreement well that’s just unfortunate. But it’ll blow over quickly.

So with that warning, let’s get to an email. This one is from a witch who wrote in response to the Air Magick episode from last week:


Every year, during Lughnasadh/Mabon season, I experience the same physical symptoms. This condition keeps me home from work for a couple of days and is noticeable for several weeks. Doctors have run many tests and can’t find any “real” abnormalities, at least nothing they can treat. This time, I’m using the little bit of energy during sick days to listen to my favorite teachers and use my own intuition to cleanse my home, body, mind and spirit. It seems to be helping. I don’t smoke cleanse indoors but I do so outside my exterior doors. In the past, I have blessed these areas with patchouli after clearing. Is there something more specific to the Air Element you would recommend?


Well if you’ve ruled out any health or environmental issues, and you can’t use smoke cleansing indoors, there are still some air magick options you could try. Cleansing with sound is a possibility. If there’s a chime, a singing bowl, a tuning fork, etc that falls within a certain frequency range that you find soothing or healing, you might consider that as an option. Maybe even search YouTube for healing frequencies and see which videos resonate with you. 


Once you find a frequency or a tone that soothes you, you can use that info to find a bell or singing bowl or something in that same range that you can use with meditation or while relaxing. And there was a message after last week’s episode asking specifically about using sound as air magick, and I didn’t even touch on that last week, however, I did get into it in a very old episode from like two years ago where we covered Air Magick as well. And I know it’s not possible or practical to know every episode of this podcast back to front, I do try not to rehash the same subject matter when I can avoid it.


There is so much to talk about when it comes to magick. It’s basically an unlimited well of information so I find myself trying to find the balance of disseminating as much information as I can without repeating myself any more than I can help it. But if someone hasn’t listened to every episode, there’s just gonna be information that falls through the cracks. So with that said, long story short, we talked about sound as Air Magick in a previous Air Magick episode and you can find transcripts of all the episodes on the website middleagedwitch.com. 


And this week is Fire Magick! And we have definitely talked about fire magick before, so whatever we don’t get to today can be found in that episode if you’re still hungry for fire magick info when we close this episode out. And in fact, down in the episode description, I will include links to the previous Fire Magick episode and I’ll also link the Sex Magick episode, too. 


So, to begin, fire magick is more than candle spells. Although candle spells are a huge part of the sort of typical fire magick that we perform. But beyond that, cauldron magick, cooking magick, ritual bonfires and so on. 


Burning sigils is a really effective way to put our intentions into motion. We create a simple design that means something very specific to only ourselves, we draw it out, maybe we sleep on it for a few nights, maybe we charge it in the moonlight, maybe we anoint it with ritual oil, and then we release its meaning and its power into the universe by burning it.


And while we generally use fire magick when we are trying to really jumpstart our manifestations quickly, we can also use it for any kind of spellwork that we do for intentions related to action, ambition, destruction or defense, motivation, sexuality (obviously), inspiration, creativity and creation, leadership, and purpose.


And so what this means for our spell work and our intentions is that we can use the element of fire, in any number of ways, to hurry up and get our intentions out there into the universe so that we can begin to receive our manifestations with as little delay as possible. And I think this is why candle spells are really popular. They’re really versatile, because you can carve literally any intention right into the wax. 


They’re pretty straightforward, because you carve and dress a candle and then you just burn it. It doesn’t require a lot of pomp and circumstance, they’re great for established witches and for witches who are brand new to the craft and might feel overwhelmed or, you know, lack the confidence to try a more intricate or involved kind of spell or ritual. And finally, they just work so darn quick.


And there’s of course an intensity to fire magick, it can certainly be destructive, it’s definitely not the kind of work that we can just do frivolously, I would say. Because it’s literally playing with fire in a lot of instances. So while it’s the element we are probably most likely to use when we perform spellwork, that doesn’t mean that we can or should throw careless spellwork out into the ether. 


But again, even if we’re not working a spell with actual literal fire, we can incorporate Fire Magick elements into a mojo bag, or a poppet, or any other kind of non-fire related spell so that we still get the benefits of that fire magick hotness. So for example I can make a mojo bag for a sex spell and not burn it but still include fire magick by including some herbs or stones that have deep fire correspondences. So let’s go through some examples of that really quickly here.


Herbs with fire correspondence include basil, carnation, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, vervain, marigolds, dill, fennel, and garlic. Other plants would include nettle, nutmeg, peppers, anything spicy pretty much, ginger, cinnamon, clove, High John the Conqueror root, and thistle. Crystals and stones that invite the magick of fire include tiger’s eye, topaz, smoky quartz, sunstone, orange calcite, red calcite, citrine, and pyrite.


So if you’re working a spell and you want to give it the intensity of fire magick, the fast-burn quality, the action oriented nature of fire, include as many of those elements as you can. It’s going to really help to support those intentions. And we can use color magick too, to help us. So reds, golds, oranges, yellows, golds, and even pink, as a variation of red and as a color that is associated with love, lust, and sex.


And then finally, I could not close out this episode without a Fire Magick ritual oil recipe. This one is the Sex Magick oil and once again, this is the same recipe that I sell in the Etsy shop, this is legit the recipe that I use. And it works very, very well as a massage oil so please do keep that in mind. As long as you’re not allergic to anything in there. Otherwise, it’s an excellent oil for anointing your candle work, your sigils, spell bags, and so on.


We are going to begin with a couple ounces of coconut oil as a carrier. I prefer fractionated coconut oil because it stays in liquid form at room temperature. If you don’t have that or if you’re allergic to coconut oil, you can certainly substitute mineral oil or vitamin E oil, almond oil, whatever your preference is. Anyway, to that we are going to add a few drops each of the following essential oils. And I do recommend that you use therapeutic grade or cosmetic grade essential oils for this. If you use fragrance oils, you’re not actually getting any of the plant matter. Fragrance oils are lab-made.


Anyway, you’re going to add these oils: lavender oil for happiness, vanilla oil for lust, and jasmine oil for love and playfulness, which I think is crucial in a sexual relationship. It can’t be so goddamn bone-deep serious all the time. It’s important to keep things a little roguish, a little kittenish, a little frolicky. Anyway you’ll combine all these oils together but we will not apply heat to this mixture. Bottle your oil up and I like to add a bit of rose quartz to the bottle. Two reasons: one, it will support our intentions for this oil, which is to facilitate sexual magick and sexual energy, and secondly, it helps to ensure that the oils are well mixed when you shake the bottle up before using.


Anyway, use this oil well for all your sex magick needs. You can anoint a candle for a sex spell, you can warm it up and use it as a massage oil in a sex magick ritual, either alone or with a friend, you can anoint a sex magick sigil and so on. And please remember that we can use sex magick to intensify the results of literally any kind of spell. So if you’re doing a spell to find a new job, you can give it some fire magick by including a sex ritual into the work. Again, either alone or with a friend, engaging in ritual sex and at the point of climax, focusing on sending those intentions out into the universe to be put into motion. 


Sex magick is strong because fire magick is strong. It’s a huge transference of energy. So no matter what kind of spell you’re working, you can give it some extra power by including a sex ritual. And you can use this ritual sex magick oil, which is loaded with fire magick correspondences, to intensify it. So join me next week for the final installment of the elemental magick episodes which will cover water magick. Thank you for joining me today, have a lovely full moon and a beautiful weekend. My name is Eli Ro, and this as been the Middle-Aged Witch podcast.


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