Elemental Magick: Air

Hello beautiful people and happy Mabon. There’s a lot to celebrate coming up with the beginning of Libra season and the Equinox. But first I have to say thank you to everyone who extended kind thoughts and healing energies to Johnny. Last week was the first time in the history of this podcast that I didn’t do a show. Every week for more than two years running I’ve posted an episode. And it’s always been kind of a point of pride, and maybe ego. I mean, I’ve recorded while I was sick, while we were out of town, when I had Covid. Twice. But last week I was just not in the right headspace. And I had to give the energy that I did have to my boy. 

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Elemental Magick: Earth

Hello my friends, and thank you for joining me today. We have got some shit to talk about today, and it’s a cool topic in my opinion. We are talking earth magick today. And here’s the thing, I did an earth magick episode about two years ago, but there’s always more to say. And I am feeling very elemental right now. Very sort of back-to-basics in kind of a weird way. I don’t know why that is, but I am not fighting it. 

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Well hello, and here we are, having survived another hellacious full moon. This was a big one. I can confidently say that we are all feeling this one in our own ways and to differing degrees. Even folks who aren’t paying attention to the moon cycles are remarking that the energy is really intense, that moods are very temperamental, that everyone has just gone buck wild.

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The Morrigan

Hello, my friends, and thank you for joining me today. I am so thrilled to be here and I’m excited to talk about one of the fiercest deities we will ever have the pleasure of getting to know and that is the Morrigan. But first I just gotta ask, how is everyone dealing with Mercury retrograde thus far? I know it’s just begun but let me tell you first thing in the morning on the first day of retrograde, I went into work and our damn phones were down.

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Hello witches, and welcome! We survived the New Moon in Leo, and we looked damn good doing it. This Leo energy  is overwhelming as hell, and this is not surprising because that is how Leo does it. Leo is not going to let us sit on our asses and stay in our comfort zones. And we can talk a lot of shit about Leo but what we absolutely must acknowledge is that Leo challenges us. 

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Death Magick

Hello everyone, and what a lovely day it is indeed. This Saturday, August 12th marks the 2 year anniversary of this podcast, and I am out of my mind with excitement and gratitude and plans for the future, and let me just tell you, I am losing my mind about it. After more than one hundred episodes, more than 400k plays on Spotify alone, I am like, vibrating with excitement. 

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Wand Magick

Hello and welcome to the podcast. I hope everyone enjoyed Lammas and the full moon, and the turning of the calendar to August, it’s been just a lot going on and it’s been nice. I’ve been creeping on everyone’s sabbat celebrations and the pictures that folks have posted of their altars and their rituals and it’s all been a balm to my soul. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself and it looks as though you all have, too. Well done, everyone.

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House Magick/Lughnasadh

Hello everybody. Are we feeling that Leo energy coming in hot? Everybody knows I love a Leo, my husband is a Leo and both of my girls are Leos, two of my brothers, my grandma, my sister-in-law, a couple nieces, a couple nephews, like… I am surrounded. But I’m a Libra, and we play very well with Leo energy. So although it is very assertive energy, it is bold, it can be pushy, it can be aggressive. But one thing Leo will not tolerate is half-assing anything. And I respect the hell out of that. 

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Hello everyone, I hope the New Moon was sweet to you. It was some heavy energy, for sure, but I kind of just laid a bit low and rode it out. I do love a nice New Moon ritual and big intentions, but I was very literally called to basically sit this one out and keep it low-key. And so I did, and it was nice. But I’m feeling energized and energetic which is usually so unlike me around the New Moon, so I guess the rest paid off, right? Right!

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Fertility Magick

Hello, everyone and thank you for having me. I have a lot to get through today, so we are going to hit the ground running with an email, well, actually an update from some spell advice that this witch had requested a while back. She had an important interview coming up and she wanted to make sure that she nailed it. My advice was a standard “Get That Job spell. Basically, you eat an apple a day or two prior to the interview, and while you’re eating this apple, envision nailing this interview, getting the job, starting your first day, and so on. Then once you’re done, cut the apple core open and save the seeds. When you go in for the interview, take those seeds with you and then, as you’re leaving, leave the seeds behind somewhere on the job site.

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