Metal Magick with Sam “Bo” Thompson

Hello, and welcome. Thank you so very much for joining me today. This episode will be very different to our typical format. Today we are going to discuss Metal Magick but this is a subject that I know next to nothing about. So I’ve got an expert in the subject. His name is Sam Thompson, and he is a blacksmith, an author, a metal magician, a priest of the Morrigan, a combat veteran, and a lovely, lovely man.

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Hello, and welcome to Gemini season everyone! I love Geminis and I love the energy this season brings. Gemini loves to communicate, and that’s one of my favorite aspects about this very misunderstood, often maligned sun sign. Gemini is playful and intellectual and curious and sometimes frustrating and all of that is just fine by me.

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High Magick

Hello and thank you for joining me today, and I am excited to get to our discussion today, but first I want to just mention a couple things. First, beginning this past Tuesday, I’ll be releasing a bonus episode every week. These episodes will be guided meditations, not too long, typically between five and thirty minutes depending on the goal of the particular meditation. These Tuesday meditation episodes will not replace the regular episodes, they’re just a little mid-week reprieve. So there’s that, and then secondly, I wanted to just mention the new moon tomorrow. 

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Hello, my fellow eclipse survivors! The energy has been dialed up to eleven the past several weeks, what with the assorted retrogrades, eclipses, and Beltane all swirling around to make a hell of an astrological cocktail, but we are in the homestretch. There are a few days left of Mercury retrograde proper, and he will be in his shadow for a couple more weeks after that, but all in all, I do believe that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And for that I am so grateful. I feel like my soul has just run a marathon. So I do look forward to a little spiritual rest and relaxation. 

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Energetic Healing

Good Thursday, and I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed Beltane, I know I did. I spent the weekend working spells and doing tarot readings which have been such a monumental joy for me, I know I keep repeating myself, but being able to do these tarot readings with folks face-to-face is such a beautiful energy exchange. And yes, it’s online so there is that distance, but the messages have been coming through so strongly and I am overwhelmed by the openness that I have received from everyone.

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Mercury Placements

Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining me today, I’m so glad to be back at it. I want to thank everyone who has booked a tarot reading; it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you all and get to know you face-to-face. It often feels a bit one-sided sometimes, this podcast gig, but doing readings and spell work consultations has been such a change of pace. I love reading your emails and messages, don’t get me wrong, but the energy that we get from interacting in real time and looking in each other’s eyes and souls has just been everything. So I thank you. And if you’re interested in a reading or a consultation, I’ll drop the link in the episode description.

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Flower Magick

Hello and welcome to April! We have a lot coming our way this month; we have a full moon in Libra today, April 6, which will be a nice reprieve before the heat really turns up with the new moon in Taurus on Thursday, April 20th. Which will coincide with a solar eclipse, AND the beginning of Taurus season AND the very next day, Mercury goes retrograde. And we will have more to say about that as it approaches. But we just gotta be ready to hold on tight. We are going to be fine.

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