Intuitive Tarot

Hello, my pretties here we all are again. We are in that weird no-man’s land between Thanksgiving and Yule right now, so like, no one is doing any work, no one is returning any phone calls, We’re all in kind of a holding pattern until after the New Year, I think. And can we just talk about the fact that this is the last episode of November. It’s the end of the year. How in the Kentucky fried fuck is that possible?

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Sacred Cycles

Hello, witches. Welcome to the podcast and thank you for joining me today. How is November coming along for us so far? We doing alright? I’m doing… I’m doing. I have been wound a bit tight recently. I’ve been so high-strung that people close to me are feeling it; my bestie has been begging me to go outside and do some grounding and she is not wrong. I could use it, and I have it in my calendar to stop at the park on my way home from work and sit in the grass and lean against a tree. But like, it’s to that point in my life right now, where I have to schedule an appointment to touch grass.

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Hello my friends and I hope everyone had a sexy Halloween and a beautiful Samhain. I’m still exhausted but that’s just how it goes. It’s hard to sustain the energy levels at this time of year, at least for me. I was talking to my dear friend and we were sort of remarking about somehow how the energy is really high, but we’re also just constantly on the verge of being like, wiped out. It’s a lot, it’s overwhelming. The dreams are vivid as hell and weird as shit, there are a lot of things going bump in the night, so to speak. The spirits have so much to say, and they don’t allow themselves to be ignored.

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Samhain 2023

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining me on this fine day. And welcome to Scorpio season. It’s gonna be a very sexy and mysterious time for all of us. And I think we deserve it.


Today is our Samhain episode and I’ve done a few of them now, and I’ll link them in the episode description because there’s some solid spellwork and ritual ideas in those episodes, but today I thought we would learn more about the tradition and history of Samhain as it appears throughout a lot of different cultures. We know that Samhain is Celtic Pagan in origin, but we also know what a huge influence it’s had here in the States, and there are echoes and similarities to other ancestor and death rituals in other cultures as well. 

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Technology & Magick

Hello lovelies, thank you for being here. I want to jump right into the thick of things today.


So today’s topic was actually inspired by my daughter, Tree. She had a really cool experience fairly recently and I wanted to talk about it. And while I was thinking about how I could relate her experience here on the podcast, it occurred to me that I am probably just overdue for an episode on how we can integrate technology into our practices.

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Blood Magick

Hello and happy Thursday! We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and we are looking forward to the New Moon and then a Solar Eclipse. Halloween and Samhain are coming in a couple weeks. Summer is finally in the rearview mirror for those of us up here in the Northern Hemisphere. And good riddance to 112 degree days. No thank you, please.

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Elemental Magick: Water

Hello my beautiful friends. Thank you for joining me today. This is the last of a sort of four-part series we are doing on Elemental Magick. We have already spoken on Earth, Air, and Fire Magick, and today we are going to talk about Water magick. You can of course go back and listen to the previous episodes if you are just now joining us, and also welcome to the podcast, but it isn’t necessary.

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Elemental Magick: Fire

Welcome to autumn witches! We are here, we are ready to party, this is witch season. It’s our time to shine. Oh, we also have the full Harvest moon in Aries tomorrow, should be a lot of fire energy in the air so let’s try and keep a level head. If it can’t be helped, then whatever, we tried. Right? Aries energy is intense and it is outspoken and it encourages us to advocate for ourselves and for anyone who could use the support. So if our tempers get heated or if we find ourselves in a disagreement well that’s just unfortunate. But it’ll blow over quickly.

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Elemental Magick: Air

Hello beautiful people and happy Mabon. There’s a lot to celebrate coming up with the beginning of Libra season and the Equinox. But first I have to say thank you to everyone who extended kind thoughts and healing energies to Johnny. Last week was the first time in the history of this podcast that I didn’t do a show. Every week for more than two years running I’ve posted an episode. And it’s always been kind of a point of pride, and maybe ego. I mean, I’ve recorded while I was sick, while we were out of town, when I had Covid. Twice. But last week I was just not in the right headspace. And I had to give the energy that I did have to my boy. 

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Elemental Magick: Earth

Hello my friends, and thank you for joining me today. We have got some shit to talk about today, and it’s a cool topic in my opinion. We are talking earth magick today. And here’s the thing, I did an earth magick episode about two years ago, but there’s always more to say. And I am feeling very elemental right now. Very sort of back-to-basics in kind of a weird way. I don’t know why that is, but I am not fighting it. 

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