Hello my friends, and welcome to February 2022. We just had the New Moon on Tuesday, along with the lunar new year, so it’s already been a very energetic week, but it’s not over yet. Today, Mercury stations direct, thank the gods. He’s still in his shadow for another little while, but we are through the worst of it. We have a bit of a reprieve from planetary bullshit for a couple months now, nobody is going to be in retrograde again until the very end of April when Pluto stations retrograde, followed on May 10th by Mercury again. But let’s not worry about that just yet. Let’s just enjoy this breather.

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Well we’ve made it to December, haven’t we. Thank the gods for that. The weather continues to cool down, it’s dark like, all the time now. And in fact, speaking of darkness, the New Moon is this Saturday, December 4 and then we have a solar eclipse the same day! What a wonderful time to release things that no longer serve us, and to also find new solutions for problems that have maybe been troubling us for a while. This marks a great time to start fresh and make some amazing progress. Don’t be afraid of this eclipse energy. Don’t ever be afraid of any eclipse, actually. Lean into it and let its energy take you where you want to go. Ok that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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