Past Lives & Reincarnation

This is the last episode of February and next week we will be speaking to each other in March 2023. Welcome to Pisces season, happy birthday to my baby sister, I hope everyone had a lovely new moon, and a great Mardi Gras. The energy this week has been everywhere. But I’m here for it. I get too comfortable when I’m too comfortable, and it’s nice when things get shaken up. A little bit.

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Mirror Work

First and foremost, blessed equinox, everyone! The skies are very busy right now, today Persephone heads back to the Underworld for a few months, tomorrow begins Libra season, it’s my time to shine, and then this Sunday is the new moon, and of course, Mercury is still in retrograde for about another week and a half. Just raising all kinds of hell. So let’s check in. How are we all feeling? It’s a lot going on. But you know what, there’s always a lot going on. It’s fine.

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Welcome to September, witches! Can you feel the veil thinning? As we approach the autumn equinox, as Samhain crests over the horizon, as we come closer and closer to the parting of the veil, we are going to feel and notice a lot more spirit activity. We are going to feel our ancestors and our guides a lot closer to us than usual. This isn’t something to be feared, this is something to welcome and to rejoice in. And it’s also going to be a time when we experience more activity around our homes than usual. I had an email about that kind of thing recently and I’m just going to read a bit from that:

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Cooking with Magick

Hello, witches! Thank you to everyone who sent congratulations on the anniversary of our podcast last week. I can’t say how much it means to me. I really can’t. I’m really excited that I’m getting to connect with so many people on the forums on the website, There are some really cool witches hanging out there, so I hope you’ll join the discussion. And I’m looking forward to this next year, beginning of course with Virgo season coming next Tuesday, the 23rd. We are already on the backside of Leo season, if you can believe it. And I hope everyone’s full moon intentions went well. All I really tried to pour out into the universe was gratitude. And of course I made some moon water. But back to business!

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Amulets and Charms

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first episode of August. I hope everyone had a great Lughnasadh, I hope everyone’s New Moon in Leo intentions are percolating and manifesting and I know we are all going to see some great things heading our way. Leo season is so special to me for reasons I’ve reiterated a million times here. I am married to a Leo, both my daughters are Leos, this podcast is a Leo. Leo is such an auspicious, optimistic, can-do sign, and I just love the feeling of possibility that it always brings with it.

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Happy Leo season, witches! I thought we’d never make it! That last week of Cancer season had me very nervous, there were a lot of big emotions. But here we are in Leo season, it’s a New Moon tonight and it’s all good. Today we are going to spend some time talking about Lughnasadh, or Lammas, which is the first of the three pagan harvest festivals, and which takes place this Monday.

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