Hello and happy Thursday, everyone. We are almost one week through Mercury Retrograde and I hope we’re all hanging in there. I have had intermittent tech issues, but all in all I am feeling pretty optimistic about where things are.

We talked about our Mercury placements last week and I was really encouraged by the response. I know that sometimes when we get really deep in the weeds of a particular aspect of the craft it can sometimes get a little tedious, but I think we can all appreciate the importance of understanding ourselves and our loved ones in the deepest, most meaningful way that we can. This week, we are going to look in-depth at our Venus placements, and we are going to get to it right away because there’s a lot to get through. 


So let’s talk about our Venus placements. If you were with us last week, we got our birth charts out to refresh our memories of where those placements are, and if you weren’t with us last week, please pop over to any one of several websites where you can download your birth chart so you can follow along. I like cafeastrology.com, but you can really just Google ‘free birth chart’ and get that information from any number of sources.


And once again, I will recommend taking a peek at the charts of your partner too. These placements are really important to our relationships. Not just with Mercury, which rules how we communicate with and understand one another, but with Venus, we are talking about how we love and our relationships with money. And those issues can really make or break a relationship, so we can’t bury our heads in the sand. We need to understand ourselves and our romantic partners in these areas. 


So, Venus is the planet of love and pleasure, yes, but Venus also informs our charisma, our particular sex appeal, and also our artistic leanings. This is Venus at its best. When we lean into our Venus instincts in a less-than-healthy way though, this can lend itself to a lack of self-control and discipline, it can negatively affect the way we look at money, and it can even send us into the realm of narcissism. 


So let’s run through the individual placements just the way we did last week with Mercury, beginning with Aries. Venus in Aries is a flirt. The instinct is to approach someone they’re attracted to and strike up a conversation… as long as they think they have a chance. Venus in Aries isn’t delusional, and they definitely aren’t so thick-skinned that they are willing to invite rejection. But if they see someone in a crowded room and their interest is piqued, best believe by the end of the night, they will have initiated contact.


Once they’re in a relationship, Aries is very demonstrative, they really appreciate a romantic gesture, and they’re willing to make those kinds of gestures themselves. That Aries directness comes out to play in Venus, and this is a placement that does not truck with vagueness in a relationship. This is a placement that wants clear expressions of affection. On the other hand, Aries does like to stir up a little drama from time-to-time just to keep things spicy, so if this is your placement, make sure that you aren’t stirring the pot just so you have an excuse to initiate make-up sex later.


When it comes to money, Venus in Aries should be mindful of that impulse buying. Sometimes, that need to chase a thrill can manifest itself in spending money a bit recklessly. And I don’t mean like, stopping at Starbucks a couple times a week; I mean like, they’re going to see a gorgeous pair of shoes that they just have to have and it’s going to cost half their paycheck. So it’s always wise, if you’re a Venus in Aries and you see something that you absolutely have to have, to just give it at least three days. If you still can’t stop thinking about it, then maybe go ahead and treat yourself. But if that fire has gone out, even a little, then maybe it’s for the best that you just let it go.


Venus in Taurus is next, and just as we might expect, this is a very ride-or-die placement in a relationship. Once you’ve earned the love of Venus in Taurus, it’s yours. This person is deeply romantic and very expressive of their love, even to the point of being a little overwhelming. Venus in Taurus can occasionally smother the object of their affection, so that is something to be aware of if this is your sign, and if this is your lover’s sign. Just be aware that this is how they love, and you’re going to have to establish healthy boundaries.


On the flipside of this all consuming passion is how goddamn long it takes for Venus to trust someone enough to allow themselves to become that vulnerable. Venus in Taurus loves very hard and very deep, but it takes them a hell of a long time to get there. This is not someone who gives their heart away easily or often, and once their heart is broken, it takes even longer the next time. But if you can handle all that love, be aware that Venus in Taurus is a really lucky sign when it comes to money. These people are basically born with a horseshoe up their ass. This is a placement that is likely to inherit or marry very very well.


Venus in Taurus is not wasteful with money, but they do appreciate the finer things. This is the placement that I think of when I hear the phrase, ‘buy nice or buy twice’ because they understand that spending more on something that will last is going to save them money in the long run. 


Venus in Gemini is a placement that really needs to feel intellectually stimulated before they’re going to feel anything close to love. They’re not afraid to have fun flings and flirtations, but they’re just not going to settle down with someone that they think is a dummy. Even if they’re hot. And frankly, this is the only way that anyone is going to keep their interest in the long term. I hate to put it bluntly, but Venus in Gemini is going to get bored and restless if their partner doesn’t keep them intellectually interested. Gemini is the wanderer, not because they’re disloyal or unkind, but because that brain of theirs is the real erogenous zone.


Venus in Gemini wants deep conversation, they want adventures, they want to be challenged, they want to constantly feel like they’re discovering something new, so this is not a good relationship partner for people who really appreciate that homebody life. They like to go out, they like to feel the energy of people and to have new experiences, not necessarily new sexual partners, but truly, new experiences. So Venus in Gemini needs a companion who is going to be open to that. 


Venus in Gemini isn’t usually the kind of person who needs to buy a lot of things, this is a person who would rather spend money on experiences. They want to travel, they want to explore, they want to see the sights, they want to see shows, live music, the theater, they want to be stimulated. 


Venus in Cancer is kind of the anti-Gemini in some ways. This is a placement that likes its love, not predictable, but dependable. This is not a placement like Aries that wants a lot of push and pull, this is a placement that wants passion and depth, but they don’t want to be guessing your intentions. Venus in Cancer wants to feel secure in their relationship. There is also a real fear of rejection in this placement, and so if they feel like their partner is pulling back, they may slip into a defensive position. And for Venus in Cancer, that means silent treatment or moodiness, they’re really gonna pull back into that shell. 


If this is your placement, watch that you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve quite so much. I’m not suggesting that you don’t express yourself fully, just that you endeavor to not take everything to heart. And if your sweetheart has this placement, maybe make sure that you are always clear in your expressions of love. Even when you’re fighting, make sure that you’re quick to clarify that you may be angry, but you’re still in love. This will really go a long way in a relationship with Venus in Cancer.


In money matters, Venus in Cancer is responsible, they’re going to save for a rainy day. But they’re not stingy; they’re happy to spend when they can on people they love. They’re thoughtful gift-givers. And they’re also going to spend money that will make their home more cozy, more comfy. This placement loves to feel comfortable in their own home. 


Venus in Leo is very bombastic in love. Leo is such a good hype man anyway, so when it comes to their lover, they love to brag, they love to show them off, and so if this is your placement, it’s going to be really important that your partner is the kind of person who is really comfortable about being open and public with those kinds of declarations. And on the flip side, if your partner is Venus in Leo, you’d better get used to being posted on their insta. If you thought this was gonna be a down-low kind of love, you’d better think again. This is also a person who places a lot of emphasis on physical love, physical affection, sex. If that aspect of a relationship starts to fall off, Venus in Leo is not going to feel very secure, they’re not going to feel loved.


This is not to say that Venus in Leo is shallow or that they only care about sex, that isn’t it at all. This is just how they express it and this is the language they understand. They give big compliments and they need big compliments. They express admiration and they need admiration to be expressed. So bear that in mind if this is your placement or if this is your lover’s placement, these are gonna be the dealbreakers in this relationship. So both sides need to understand this.


When it comes to money, Venus in Leo is pretty spendy. They’re big tippers, they can be big shoppers, they like to make an impression. So again, if this is your placement, maybe be conscientious of how you spend and why so that you can recognize when you’re spending money just to spend money.


Venus in Virgo is the opposite of Venus in Leo in a lot of ways. They’re not going to express their love with grand gestures or flowery language. If Venus in Leo loves you, you’re going to know it. But the way you’ll know that Venus in Virgo is in love with you is because they notice all the little details about you. They’re going to know how you like your coffee, they’re going to know that you’re allergic to tomatoes, they’re going to remember your favorite flowers. This kind of attention is what they value; they want to be truly known, and they want to truly know their partner. 


The other side of the Venus in Virgo coin is that because they are so detail-oriented, they do tend to notice and point out what they perceive as flaws. And if their partner is someone who’s sensitive to that kind of criticism, it’s going to get ugly. So if this is your placement, try to be mindful that sometimes all that nitpicking is hard to hear. If this is your partner, recognize that they actually think they’re helping you by pointing all this stuff out. They don’t always realize that they’re being a huge pain in the ass.


The practical nature of Venus in Virgo means that they’re not prone to spending their money thoughtlessly and this can kind of get them into trouble sometimes. Just because Venus in Virgo thinks something is too frivolous to spend money on doesn’t mean that their partner agrees. So there need to be very open and clear discussions around this topic before it becomes a real sticking point.


And next is Venus in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus, so this is a placement that feels really at home in a relationship. Venus in Libra is really good at compromise, they’re really going to try and make a relationship work. If this is your placement, make sure that you don’t lose yourself in a relationship. Venus in Libra needs to remember not to compromise on everything to the point that the relationship is completely one-sided. An unhealthy expression of Venus in Libra is that kind of inequity. And if the other partner doesn’t realize that this is what Venus in Libra is doing, they may not even realize that they’re railroading their partner until Venus in Libra has had enough and calls it quits, seemingly out of nowhere.


A healthy expression of this placement is a very balanced, romantic relationship with a lot of open communication. This is a placement that excels at putting themselves in their partner’s shoes and seeing both sides of a situation before coming to a decision. This is a wonderful partner to have for someone who’s not going to take advantage of their good nature. They will spend money on beautiful things they love, they have a very artistic eye, and they’re not going to skimp on making their home as beautiful as they can afford to.


Venus in Scorpio is a very intense lover. This placement is very focused on their partner, they are very physical, they’re all-consuming in love. That particular brand of Venus in Scorpio intimacy is so deep. This is how they get you! I’m joking of course, but there can be a tendency for this placement to feel like a spider spinning a web. Before you realize it, you’re completely caught up in their intensity. Venus in Scorpio can be really jealous, they do not like to admit it though. But it can be a source of a lot of tension in a relationship with this placement. So if this is you, just recognize when your Scorpio spice starts to get too overwhelming. If this is your partner, make sure that you don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed.


But when you do find that balance with Venus in Scorpio, you’re going to really enjoy a relationship that doesn’t get stagnant, that doesn’t become loveless and lifeless. That intensity doesn’t fade over time; it becomes even hotter. The longer you’re in a relationship with this placement, the further those boundaries are pushed, in a good way, until you and your partner know each other in every way.


Venus in Scorpio often finds themselves in lucrative business partnerships, there’s a visionary artistic nature about this placement, and it draws people in. Not just their romantic partners, but in business relationships as well. 


Venus in Sagittarius feels a lot like Venus in Gemini in many ways. This is a placement that cannot live without adventure. For this reason, this placement can find themselves falling in and out of love very quickly. At first blush with a new romantic interest, everything can seem exciting and romantic, but once the new wears off, Venus in Sag realizes that it wasn’t really what they wanted. If you have a friend that’s been in love with “The One” three or four or more times since you’ve known them, this is likely to be a Venus in Sag.


They’re not fickle or shallow, they just need to feel like their love is not dull. This is also a placement that loves debate, and that’s true of Sagittarius in general as a sun sign, but in love, they want to have those deep discussions. They want to ask hard questions and have complex conversations, and this is one way to keep their interest. If you’re the kind of person who likes debating the relative merits of complicated hypothetical situations, you’re going to love Venus in Sagittarius.


Also, like Venus in Gemini, this is a placement that isn’t all that interested in spending money on physical objects. Venus in Sag is spending their money on travel. This is someone who wants to see the world, and who wants someone who wants to see the world with them.


Venus in Capricorn is like the cool, sexy stranger that’s mysterious and aloof. This placement isn’t going to come on too strong, and they’re not going to shower you with compliments and they also aren’t going to respond too much to being showered with compliments. If you want to get their attention, tell them you admire them, their self-control, how responsible they are, how serious they are. This is not a placement that falls in and out of love, Venus in Capricorn can almost be shy when it comes to love. It doesn’t come off that way, it almost seems like disinterest or they’re too cool for it, but really they’re just shy.


This placement appreciates dependability in a partner, they want to know that they can count on you. If you are flighty, if you’re hot and cold, if you come on strong and then back way off, they’re not going to probably be interested in pursuing a relationship with you. That just isn’t how they love. They are very romantic, it just isn’t the spontaneous kind of romance. They won’t whisk you away on an unexpected weekend adventure, but they will build you a house. 


They are also very practical with their money. This isn’t a placement that throws money away, these are people who save their money and try to invest wisely. And you know, maybe it isn’t a flashy kind of love, but it is incredibly enduring. 


And now, Venus in Aquarius. The dreamers, the free-thinkers, the placement that wants to save the world. This is another placement that really values that intellectual stimulation. This placement likes to feel challenged. They don’t like to pick a fight, don’t misunderstand me, they actually hate true confrontation, but they live for a cerebral relationship. This placement wants to fall in love with your mind, and they want the same from you.


These are people who value nonconformity, they’re interested in different ways of looking at the world and they need a partner who shares that kind of outlook. This isn’t a traditional kind of lover, this is a person who likes to buck the system to some degree and they want a partner with those same values. These people aren’t usually controlling partners, they don’t generally have bouts of jealousy, they’re just free.


Their relationship with money can be kind of easygoing and not all that overly concerned, so for someone who is really practical, like a Venus in Capricorn or Virgo, this can cause friction. So do be mindful of that kind of thing.


And lastly, we have Venus in Pisces. These are sweet, soft, romantics. These are the poets, these are the bards, these are the artists of love. They do have a soft spot for the fixer-uppers in their relationships, so if this is your placement, do be mindful that you’re not deliberately choosing partners who are emotionally unavailable and trying to rescue them. This placement does have that Captain Save-A-Hoe energy that can be really self-destructive.


But if you get someone who appreciates you and deserves your softness, you’re a lovely partner to have. You’re very forgiving and understanding and you truly see the best in your partner, but try to remember to see their true colors too. Don’t set yourself up to be taken advantage of. And this is true in love as it is true in money. You’re a giver, but you can’t give everything.


And those are the placements. Along with our Mercury placements, I really do feel like understanding our Venus placements is such an important part of creating a solid partnership, a lasting partnership. We have to understand these aspects about ourselves and our partners so that we can set ourselves up for the best chance of success. If we understand how we love and how our partners love, we can avoid so many issues that plague relationships.


So that’s all for me today, have a beautiful Beltane next week, enjoy your weekend, and as always, you can email me anytime at eli@middleagedwitch.com, and you can DM me on social media at @middleagedwitch, or you can message me from the website directly at middleagedwitch.com. Thank you for being here with me today. My name is Eli Ro, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch podcast.


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