Okay, everyone, Mercury goes retrograde officially tomorrow. I hope we are all ready for this one. It’ll be a doozy, I think. But as always, we can take some precautions to mitigate its general fuckery and help us to get through this time more smoothly. We are gonna be retrograde until October 2. So that’s a little over three weeks. Not too long, but still plenty of time to make a mess if we’re not proactive.

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Happy anniversary, everyone! This is the anniversary episode of the Middle-Aged Witch podcast, and I am so excited I could just spit. I can’t even tell you what a year this has been. We’ve gone from nothing, literally no listeners, just me speaking into the void, to a really beautiful, cohesive community in one short year. I came into this with no expectations really, certainly no idea what this little project would become or what it would mean to me, and I am beside myself with gratitude for the way that you all have welcomed me into your weekly routines and I have made some really valuable friendships here. Whatever else may come of this, I have been immeasurably blessed. And I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

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Happy Leo season, witches! I thought we’d never make it! That last week of Cancer season had me very nervous, there were a lot of big emotions. But here we are in Leo season, it’s a New Moon tonight and it’s all good. Today we are going to spend some time talking about Lughnasadh, or Lammas, which is the first of the three pagan harvest festivals, and which takes place this Monday.

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Spell Casting

Welcome, lovely witches, to Taurus season. For the next few weeks, we can expect that stabilizing Taurus energy to put a sharp focus on our finances. We are probably going to feel the need to pull back on unnecessary spending, and this is probably a good time to sit down and write a budget. Especially coming right off tax season, if you’re in the States, this might be a good time to revisit your spending and saving habits, maybe go through your bank statements and figure out exactly how much money is going toward things that don’t seem like much but add up. Uber Eats, that one’s mine, I really gotta delete that app. It makes it too easy to just have lunch delivered to my workplace so I just end up working through lunch and paying a ton of delivery fees for the privilege. 

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Witchcraft for Kids

Hello and happy March, my powerful witch friends. How are we enjoying this New moon energy? I am personally wiped out. I keep waiting for some physical alchemy to change within myself and I suddenly don’t feel completely overwhelmed by the moon cycles each and every time, but it’s been 43 years of this, so I guess this is just who I am. But that’s cool; I kind of love the connection I feel. 

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I hope everyone is coming off the full moon magic nicely, I hope the first full moon of the year treated you well. Especially you Aquarians, as we are moving right into Aquarius season. Mercury went retrograde a week ago today, and will be there until February 3rd, so I hope everyone is coping with that. We are also just about a week and a half away from Imbolc, which is February 2.

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