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Mirror Work

First and foremost, blessed equinox, everyone! The skies are very busy right now, today Persephone heads back to the Underworld for a few months, tomorrow begins Libra season, it’s my time to shine, and then this Sunday is the new moon, and of course, Mercury is still in retrograde for about another week and a half. Just raising all kinds of hell. So let’s check in. How are we all feeling? It’s a lot going on. But you know what, there’s always a lot going on. It’s fine.

Post Transcript

Q&A with Eli

Hello, everybody, and thank you so much for joining me today. We have just enjoyed the full moon a couple days ago and I’ve got my moon water ready to go for the solstice on Tuesday. I’m going to be celebrating in a larger way over this weekend with food, some friends, and a fire. The solstice proper falls on a work night for me and I actually have a meeting that evening, I am so annoyed. When there’s a sabbat, I usually just take the day off. But it is what it is, and I’ll be celebrating early.