House Magick/Lughnasadh

Hello everybody. Are we feeling that Leo energy coming in hot? Everybody knows I love a Leo, my husband is a Leo and both of my girls are Leos, two of my brothers, my grandma, my sister-in-law, a couple nieces, a couple nephews, like… I am surrounded. But I’m a Libra, and we play very well with Leo energy. So although it is very assertive energy, it is bold, it can be pushy, it can be aggressive. But one thing Leo will not tolerate is half-assing anything. And I respect the hell out of that. 

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Samhain 2022 and the Crone Season

It is nearly upon us, everyone! Samhain approaches, are we ready? I’ve been ready since last Samhain, you know that. I also have to thank everyone who has purchased my book, Love & Light Blood & Bone, you guys are amazing. And if you’ve taken the time to write a review or even just give it a rating, I could just kiss you on the mouth. This community of witches is so special and I know I’ve said it before but I’m so grateful that I get to talk to you and communicate with you, either through emails, DMs or on the forums. I don’t live in a place that has a huge witchcraft community, but you witches are my coven. 

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Happy Leo season, witches! I thought we’d never make it! That last week of Cancer season had me very nervous, there were a lot of big emotions. But here we are in Leo season, it’s a New Moon tonight and it’s all good. Today we are going to spend some time talking about Lughnasadh, or Lammas, which is the first of the three pagan harvest festivals, and which takes place this Monday.

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Litha/Summer Solstice

Hello my friends, and welcome. I hope everyone is well. Today we are going to talk about Litha and the Summer Solstice, which isn’t for another week and a half, but I like to talk about it a little early so we can think about what kind of rituals or spells we might want to work, and have a little time to prepare for that. So Litha is the topic of the day. But very quickly, before we get to that, I want to read a message from a witch who is having a little issue that I think a lot of us have from time to time, if not all of us.

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Hello and welcome to the last episode of April, what a month. I know the spring hasn’t been super springy everywhere, but I have to just give April props for being a really beautiful month here where we live. It has been so gorgeous and mild, and I know it won’t last through the end of May. Here in my neck of the woods, we frequently see triple digit weather in May, but my hopes are high that we can just cruise in the mid to upper 80s and save the triple digits for June. Exciting weather-related conversation on the podcast today.

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Ostara/Spring Equinox

Welcome, welcome to the Ostara episode! I love doing sabbat episodes; they’re my favorite. Sabbats are just the funnest part of being a witch. And the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, is always such a breath of fresh air because it’s the first day of spring, it’s the first major Sabbat after Yule, and the symbolism is so gorgeous and fresh and lovely. The Spring Equinox, just like the Autumn Equinox, marks the day the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are equal length. This is the day when we are officially on the other side of winter, the days from here forward grow longer, the weather gets warmer, the grass gets greener, we can begin to work our gardens. It’s just such a revitalizing time. 

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Imbolc/Maiden Season

Hello and welcome to the final episode of January 2022. We are one twelfth of the way through this year already. How has the year treated you so far? Well I spent about two weeks of the year just absolutely sick as hell, and of course Mercury and/or Venus have been in retrograde the entire time, so that kind of blows, but we will get a bit of a reprieve next week on February 3rd when Mercury stations direct. So that’ll be nice.

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Yule/Winter Solstice

Well hello everyone, and happy Yule season. Before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone for your kind comments and reviews; they are my lifeblood. And I’d like to give a huge, warm, consensual hug to Julie for becoming a supporter of the show. You are so lovely. I have the most wonderful, thoughtful, powerful witches listening and supporting this podcast and you humble me. Let’s get into the meat of the episode today. I hope everyone is recovered from the New Moon and solar eclipse we just enjoyed at the end of this past week. I was so physically wiped out that I really didn’t do much of anything for it. I just didn’t have the energy. But maybe you did, and if so I would love to hear about it. 

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Samhain/Ancestor Work

Hello and welcome! Today is Thursday, October 28. A little light housekeeping before we jump into the topic at hand. I have been talking about my plan to do a Q&A episode in November. The plan is to read listener questions and answer them on that episode. I’ve gotten a really great response so far, and I’m kind of excited to do an episode that is a really different format to what we usually do here, which is I pick a topic and just run my mouth about it for 20 minutes. 

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