Hello, and welcome to Gemini season everyone! I love Geminis and I love the energy this season brings. Gemini loves to communicate, and that’s one of my favorite aspects about this very misunderstood, often maligned sun sign. Gemini is playful and intellectual and curious and sometimes frustrating and all of that is just fine by me.

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Astral Travel

Welcome to Virgo season, everyone! Happy birthday, Virgos, and congratulations to all of us for making it this far. Virgo season is a really great time for us to just get our shit together a little bit, especially before Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year beginning September 9th, but we will talk about that more, probably in a couple weeks. We don’t need to fret about that just yet, but do be aware that Mercury is already in its shadow now, so we are going to start feeling the squeeze, the sense of being stymied, even before Merc is properly retrograde.

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Happy anniversary, everyone! This is the anniversary episode of the Middle-Aged Witch podcast, and I am so excited I could just spit. I can’t even tell you what a year this has been. We’ve gone from nothing, literally no listeners, just me speaking into the void, to a really beautiful, cohesive community in one short year. I came into this with no expectations really, certainly no idea what this little project would become or what it would mean to me, and I am beside myself with gratitude for the way that you all have welcomed me into your weekly routines and I have made some really valuable friendships here. Whatever else may come of this, I have been immeasurably blessed. And I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

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Intuitive Magick

Hello everyone, and happy solstice to you. I have been loving all the pictures and the beautiful rituals and I keep going back to some of them to have another look and I get all emotional again. This is such a magical time of year, and I do mean that in the most literal sense. There is powerful solstice magick all around us at this time, and a lot of it has to do with that little balancing act that we do right on the edge of midsummer or midwinter. When we get right to the cusp of the longest day of the year or the shortest day, depending on your hemisphere, before tipping over into the downswing again. 

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Q&A with Eli

Hello, everybody, and thank you so much for joining me today. We have just enjoyed the full moon a couple days ago and I’ve got my moon water ready to go for the solstice on Tuesday. I’m going to be celebrating in a larger way over this weekend with food, some friends, and a fire. The solstice proper falls on a work night for me and I actually have a meeting that evening, I am so annoyed. When there’s a sabbat, I usually just take the day off. But it is what it is, and I’ll be celebrating early. 

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Well thank the gods we are on the other side of the full moon-slash-eclipse weekend. I have been a hot, sloppy mess so I hope you’ve been doing better than I have. Mercury retrograde is still raging, so I’m not letting my guard down yet, but holy shit. That eclipse energy was unreal. We will be sliding into Gemini season this weekend, so that will be another shift, but hopefully, we will be able to get our legs back underneath us soon. 

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Air Magick

Today is Thursday, August 19. The moon is waxing gibbous in Capricorn, and we will see the full moon on the 22nd. Just a few more days to get those manifestations in order, if you’re a witch who really pays attention to the moon phases when you’re making magical plans. Not every witch does, you know. That’s ok. We all follow a different path, and every path is valid. That’s why witchcraft is the coolest. 

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