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Hello, witches, I hope you all enjoyed the Hunter’s Moon this past weekend. There is something so special about the full moon in the month of October. It’s just so zesty, isn’t it? I know it’s mostly psychological, because we’re so much more attuned during this time of year, but it doesn’t matter why it’s so special. I’m just enjoying the extra magick.

Podcast Transcript


Happy anniversary, everyone! This is the anniversary episode of the Middle-Aged Witch podcast, and I am so excited I could just spit. I can’t even tell you what a year this has been. We’ve gone from nothing, literally no listeners, just me speaking into the void, to a really beautiful, cohesive community in one short year. I came into this with no expectations really, certainly no idea what this little project would become or what it would mean to me, and I am beside myself with gratitude for the way that you all have welcomed me into your weekly routines and I have made some really valuable friendships here. Whatever else may come of this, I have been immeasurably blessed. And I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.