Okay, everyone, Mercury goes retrograde officially tomorrow. I hope we are all ready for this one. It’ll be a doozy, I think. But as always, we can take some precautions to mitigate its general fuckery and help us to get through this time more smoothly. We are gonna be retrograde until October 2. So that’s a little over three weeks. Not too long, but still plenty of time to make a mess if we’re not proactive.

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Folk Magick

Well we made it to July! I think we need to give ourselves some recognition for that alone. It hasn’t necessarily been a smooth ride, but everyday is an opportunity to rewrite, or at least revise, our story. This is something I’ve been working on myself, this is something we should all probably always have in the back of our minds to some extent. And yes, it’s not reasonable or realistic or healthy to constantly be grinding, grinding, grinding, constantly focused on self improvement, never giving ourselves a break, and I swear if I see another meme talking about you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce… I’m gonna lose it.  

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Anointing Oils

Hello my friends, and welcome to the podcast. This is the last episode of May 2022, my gods this whole month has been a tornado of astrological activity and it is not over yet. Mercury is still in retrograde until June 2, and we have the New Moon this Monday, so that’ll be energetic. We’ve just crossed into Gemini season, which I love. I actually enjoy Gemini season, and I like Geminis. I think they get a little bit of a bad rap, but they’re a lot of fun. So I think we should all give them a break. 

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Hello and welcome to the last episode of April, what a month. I know the spring hasn’t been super springy everywhere, but I have to just give April props for being a really beautiful month here where we live. It has been so gorgeous and mild, and I know it won’t last through the end of May. Here in my neck of the woods, we frequently see triple digit weather in May, but my hopes are high that we can just cruise in the mid to upper 80s and save the triple digits for June. Exciting weather-related conversation on the podcast today.

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Garden Magick

Hello my friends. And I hope everyone is well. We are just a couple days from the full moon, so I hope everyone’s full moon intentions are in order. If they’re not, don’t panic. There will be another full moon next month. We have to practice patience with ourselves sometimes. If we don’t have the energy to pour into a moon ritual or whatever the case may be, then we need to respect that. Sometimes we do need to push ourselves, sometimes that is the right thing to do, but when it comes to the craft, our practice should be something that we look forward to. It isn’t meant to be another task on the to-do list. It’s important to cultivate habits and to have discipline, I do whole-heartedly believe that, but we need to recognize when we’re just going through the motions. 

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Dream Magick

Hello, and welcome to the last episode of March, and the last day of March as well. We are taking a week off from Birth Charts and we are going to talk about good old Dream Magic. Dreams are one of the more interesting aspects of the human experience. And science still has no idea why we do it. Why do our brains slip into an altered state of consciousness while we are at rest? What is the evolutionary benefit of having these wild hallucinations every night? They have theories, and some of them seem very solid, but the fact of the matter is that we don’t really know. Science can’t definitively tell us why we dream, or even what dreams actually are. But we don’t need science to explain that dreams, that the dream state, is very powerful.

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Witchcraft for Kids

Hello and happy March, my powerful witch friends. How are we enjoying this New moon energy? I am personally wiped out. I keep waiting for some physical alchemy to change within myself and I suddenly don’t feel completely overwhelmed by the moon cycles each and every time, but it’s been 43 years of this, so I guess this is just who I am. But that’s cool; I kind of love the connection I feel. 

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I hope everyone is coming off the full moon magic nicely, I hope the first full moon of the year treated you well. Especially you Aquarians, as we are moving right into Aquarius season. Mercury went retrograde a week ago today, and will be there until February 3rd, so I hope everyone is coping with that. We are also just about a week and a half away from Imbolc, which is February 2.

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