Hello, and welcome to Gemini season everyone! I love Geminis and I love the energy this season brings. Gemini loves to communicate, and that’s one of my favorite aspects about this very misunderstood, often maligned sun sign. Gemini is playful and intellectual and curious and sometimes frustrating and all of that is just fine by me.

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Energetic Healing

Good Thursday, and I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed Beltane, I know I did. I spent the weekend working spells and doing tarot readings which have been such a monumental joy for me, I know I keep repeating myself, but being able to do these tarot readings with folks face-to-face is such a beautiful energy exchange. And yes, it’s online so there is that distance, but the messages have been coming through so strongly and I am overwhelmed by the openness that I have received from everyone.

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Q&A with Eli

Hello, everybody, and thank you so much for joining me today. We have just enjoyed the full moon a couple days ago and I’ve got my moon water ready to go for the solstice on Tuesday. I’m going to be celebrating in a larger way over this weekend with food, some friends, and a fire. The solstice proper falls on a work night for me and I actually have a meeting that evening, I am so annoyed. When there’s a sabbat, I usually just take the day off. But it is what it is, and I’ll be celebrating early. 

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I hope everyone is coming off the full moon magic nicely, I hope the first full moon of the year treated you well. Especially you Aquarians, as we are moving right into Aquarius season. Mercury went retrograde a week ago today, and will be there until February 3rd, so I hope everyone is coping with that. We are also just about a week and a half away from Imbolc, which is February 2.

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