Hello and how are you? How was your full moon in Gemini? I always feel like Gemini has such a playfulness, it’s very roguish, it’s light, it’s flirty. And I appreciate it, I welcome it; that’s the vibe I need right now. There’s always a lot of heaviness around the full moon, energetically it can be really overwhelming, very somber, but Gemini provides a really good balance to all that seriousness.

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Folk Magick

Well we made it to July! I think we need to give ourselves some recognition for that alone. It hasn’t necessarily been a smooth ride, but everyday is an opportunity to rewrite, or at least revise, our story. This is something I’ve been working on myself, this is something we should all probably always have in the back of our minds to some extent. And yes, it’s not reasonable or realistic or healthy to constantly be grinding, grinding, grinding, constantly focused on self improvement, never giving ourselves a break, and I swear if I see another meme talking about you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce… I’m gonna lose it.  

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