Death Magick

Hello everyone, and what a lovely day it is indeed. This Saturday, August 12th marks the 2 year anniversary of this podcast, and I am out of my mind with excitement and gratitude and plans for the future, and let me just tell you, I am losing my mind about it. After more than one hundred episodes, more than 400k plays on Spotify alone, I am like, vibrating with excitement. 

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Litha/Summer Solstice

Hello my friends, and welcome. I hope everyone is well. Today we are going to talk about Litha and the Summer Solstice, which isn’t for another week and a half, but I like to talk about it a little early so we can think about what kind of rituals or spells we might want to work, and have a little time to prepare for that. So Litha is the topic of the day. But very quickly, before we get to that, I want to read a message from a witch who is having a little issue that I think a lot of us have from time to time, if not all of us.

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Baneful Magick

Hello and welcome! Today is Thursday, October 21. First and foremost, I want to get it out of the way because there are only a couple more weeks to get your questions in for the Thanksgiving Q&A episode. If you would like to submit a question specifically for that episode, please message me on my podcast platform Anchor, on Instagram @middleagedwitch, on Facebook again @middleagedwitch, or just send me a good old fashioned email at I always respond directly to every message I receive, so if you have a question that you do NOT want me to share on that episode, please send it in anyway and just mention that it’s a private question and I will happily respond privately. I’ll include my contact info in the show notes as well.

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Magickal Misconceptions

Welcome to the podcast! Today is Thursday, September 30. The moon is waning crescent and we will see the New Moon on October 6, so there’s plenty of time to get those new moon manifestations in order. I am beyond excited for October. It is Libra season, which is my season, we have Halloween coming up, followed immediately by Samhain on November 1. We will be putting all the Halloween decorations up this weekend, and we will also be putting together our ancestor altar. That’s something we like to keep up for the whole month leading up to Samhain and for the few days afterward.

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