Mercury Placements

Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining me today, I’m so glad to be back at it. I want to thank everyone who has booked a tarot reading; it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you all and get to know you face-to-face. It often feels a bit one-sided sometimes, this podcast gig, but doing readings and spell work consultations has been such a change of pace. I love reading your emails and messages, don’t get me wrong, but the energy that we get from interacting in real time and looking in each other’s eyes and souls has just been everything. So I thank you. And if you’re interested in a reading or a consultation, I’ll drop the link in the episode description.

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Celtic Tree Calendar

I hope everyone is having a lovely day and a lovely week, and I hope everyone’s Ostara plans are coming along nicely. I think we have maybe four days, five days left to get our ducks in a row. And then right on the heels of the equinox, we have the New Moon on the 21st which coincides with the sun moving into Aries, and then a penumbral eclipse on Saturday the 25th and all of this is just to say these skies are about to get buckwild. This energy is going to be all over the place, so let’s just buckle up and hold on tight.

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Witchcraft for Kids

Hello and thank you for being with me today. We are about four days or so out from a new moon in Pisces on February 20th, and that should be a hell of a time to dig into emotionally fraught issues and circumstances to sort of get to the bottom of things. Don’t shy away from having difficult conversations, and don’t accept evasive answers. Also, this is going to be a good time to listen to your gut. Our intuition recognizes truths that our conscious minds either can’t or won’t see, so let’s give it the respect it deserves. When that spidey sense starts tingling, let’s start paying attention.

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January Magick Forecast

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year and I hope your neighbor’s fireworks didn’t scare the hell out of your dogs; it can be so stressful for pets. Our neighbors, here’s the thing, we have so many law enforcement officers and firemen in our neighborhood, and these people set off so many confiscated fireworks at New Year’s Eve and on Independence Day. I swear to god, it’s like the goddamn battle of Bunker Hill around here. I have to say we’re very fortunate that Johnny doesn’t get spooked by fireworks. He’s far too invested in his own laziness to get worked up about anything that goes on in and around our neighborhood. Prioritize your peace, king. Love that for you.

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June Magick

Well, well, welcome to June. June is a really magical time of year, and we are going to talk all about the different ways we can honor this beautiful month, and magically get the most out of it. We have a full moon on the 14th, we’ve got the solstice on the 21st along with the start of Cancer season, and there’s a new moon on the 28th. This time of year represents a major shift in the seasons, a major shift in mindsets and as of today, we are finally out of Mercury Retrograde, thank you and smell ya later. 

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Rising Signs

Hello, my witches. It’s another beautiful spring day, the first episode of April. Today, we are back in our birth charts, and we are going to talk about Ascendants, which are also called rising signs. It’s a really cool part of our birth chart that I don’t think gets enough recognition for the role it plays in our personalities, but before we dig into that, I want to address a sentiment that I’m seeing a lot of recently in the messages and emails that I’m getting.

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Sun Signs

So I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out how to delve into astrology, or at least, I’ve wanted to delve into understanding birth charts, here on the podcast, and I think I’ve finally figured out how I can do it. Because it’s such a great tool for learning about ourselves and it can help us to recognize patterns in our own behaviors and to start to deconstruct some of the more destructive, or I don’t want to use the term undesirable, but those aspects of our personalities that don’t serve our best interests or our higher callings. But there is so much to cover and so much to learn, that it isn’t going to happen in one episode. But I also don’t want to do wall-to-wall astrology episodes because that can become really tedious and potentially boring.

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