Astral Travel

Welcome to Virgo season, everyone! Happy birthday, Virgos, and congratulations to all of us for making it this far. Virgo season is a really great time for us to just get our shit together a little bit, especially before Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year beginning September 9th, but we will talk about that more, probably in a couple weeks. We don’t need to fret about that just yet, but do be aware that Mercury is already in its shadow now, so we are going to start feeling the squeeze, the sense of being stymied, even before Merc is properly retrograde.

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Amulets and Charms

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first episode of August. I hope everyone had a great Lughnasadh, I hope everyone’s New Moon in Leo intentions are percolating and manifesting and I know we are all going to see some great things heading our way. Leo season is so special to me for reasons I’ve reiterated a million times here. I am married to a Leo, both my daughters are Leos, this podcast is a Leo. Leo is such an auspicious, optimistic, can-do sign, and I just love the feeling of possibility that it always brings with it.

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Reading Signs and Omens

Thank you for being here with me today, I hope you had a lovely full moon. I am really feeling energized these days. I have a few new irons in the fire that I’m working on, I have a wonderful partner who is helping me refine and realize my vision, Dani, the powerhouse witch of Pennsylvania. I am feeling really good about the direction things are headed. And I’m getting messages from witches we’ve heard from in the past with some updates about their situations and by and large, they’re doing really well. The overall message I keep seeing is that they’re getting some fantastic results from all their work, and I just couldn’t be happier or more proud of the magick and the changes they are creating in their lives. This is the dream.

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Shadow Work

Hello witches, and thank you for joining me today, we have got a lot to talk about. First of all, Mercury is in retrograde as we speak. Part of the reason we are talking about shadow work at this time is because it’s kind of a recurring retrograde theme, for the past to rear its head and remind us that our traumas aren’t quite as healed as we like to pretend they are, this is a time when it’s easy to fall back into destructive habits, or answer those late night texts from that toxic ex. Incidentally, next week’s episode will be on meditation, for similar reasons. 

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Hello and welcome to May! I hope everyone had a lovely Beltane. I have been creeping on everyone’s Beltane posts, and I’m loving all the pictures of everyone’s rituals that I’ve been receiving. I love seeing how other witches celebrate and observe their Sabbats. It’s such a personalized thing, how we choose to honor our Sabbats, and it’s so interesting and enlightening to see how vastly different we all acknowledge things. That’s what makes the craft so special; there’s no prescribed, rote, one-size-fits-all way to practice. Continue reading “Altars”

Samhain/Ancestor Work

Hello and welcome! Today is Thursday, October 28. A little light housekeeping before we jump into the topic at hand. I have been talking about my plan to do a Q&A episode in November. The plan is to read listener questions and answer them on that episode. I’ve gotten a really great response so far, and I’m kind of excited to do an episode that is a really different format to what we usually do here, which is I pick a topic and just run my mouth about it for 20 minutes. 

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