Abundance Magick

Happy American Thanksgiving, if you’re into it. I know it’s not for everyone, I understand that and I do respect it. And if you do observe this holiday, I hope you’re having a lovely time with your loved ones. There are a lot of things to dislike about the origins of this particular day, but the way I look at it, pagan sabbats have been appropriated by Christians for thousands of years and twisted into something they’re not. So I have no compunctions about doing the same thing to Thanksgiving.

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Cooking with Magick

Hello, witches! Thank you to everyone who sent congratulations on the anniversary of our podcast last week. I can’t say how much it means to me. I really can’t. I’m really excited that I’m getting to connect with so many people on the forums on the website, middleagedwitch.com. There are some really cool witches hanging out there, so I hope you’ll join the discussion. And I’m looking forward to this next year, beginning of course with Virgo season coming next Tuesday, the 23rd. We are already on the backside of Leo season, if you can believe it. And I hope everyone’s full moon intentions went well. All I really tried to pour out into the universe was gratitude. And of course I made some moon water. But back to business!

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Amulets and Charms

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first episode of August. I hope everyone had a great Lughnasadh, I hope everyone’s New Moon in Leo intentions are percolating and manifesting and I know we are all going to see some great things heading our way. Leo season is so special to me for reasons I’ve reiterated a million times here. I am married to a Leo, both my daughters are Leos, this podcast is a Leo. Leo is such an auspicious, optimistic, can-do sign, and I just love the feeling of possibility that it always brings with it.

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Hello everybody, and welcome. I thank you for joining me today. This is the last episode of June, the last day of June, in fact, and I hope it treated you well. For many of us, depending especially on where we live, this final week of June hasn’t treated us well at all. Generally, I make it a rule to avoid hot-button socio-political topics on this podcast because I feel like first of all, we get so much of that from all sides, all day every day and this podcast is my personal retreat from a lot of that. Secondly, people have very different opinions and they have very good reasons for the opinions they hold, and I am not so arrogant as to assume that my opinions are everyone’s opinions, or that my opinions are correct.

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June Magick

Well, well, welcome to June. June is a really magical time of year, and we are going to talk all about the different ways we can honor this beautiful month, and magically get the most out of it. We have a full moon on the 14th, we’ve got the solstice on the 21st along with the start of Cancer season, and there’s a new moon on the 28th. This time of year represents a major shift in the seasons, a major shift in mindsets and as of today, we are finally out of Mercury Retrograde, thank you and smell ya later. 

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Well thank the gods we are on the other side of the full moon-slash-eclipse weekend. I have been a hot, sloppy mess so I hope you’ve been doing better than I have. Mercury retrograde is still raging, so I’m not letting my guard down yet, but holy shit. That eclipse energy was unreal. We will be sliding into Gemini season this weekend, so that will be another shift, but hopefully, we will be able to get our legs back underneath us soon. 

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We are barreling toward the end of the calendar year, and it won’t be long before we start seeing ads for gym memberships and posts from folks who are excited about the New year, New me plans. I’m still enjoying this time of year; I always get a little bit down once the holidays are over because I feel like there’s kind of a dry spell between the New Year and Imbolc, but for now, I’m not going to think about that. I’m going to enjoy the next six weeks or so and just save those feelings for later.

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