Hello everyone, welcome to the podcast, and welcome to Aries season. I hope everyone enjoyed Ostara, I have been loving seeing all the posts of everyone’s celebrations. I am really feeling so just uplifted right now. The change of seasons has been good for me, and if the beautiful messages I’ve been receiving are any indication, it’s been good for others as well. 

Today we are going to move forward with part 2 of the birth chart series and talk about Moon Signs. I’ve gotten some great feedback for the first part on Sun Signs. I don’t know yet how many parts will be in this series. There’s a lot of valuable information in our birth charts, and I want to cover as much as we can. I said this before in part 1, we can learn a lot about ourselves and start to understand our impulses, our compulsions, our motivations for the things we do, when we understand the role that the different planets have played in the development of our personalities. 


So, I hope everyone has had a chance to go online and get a copy of your birth chart, also called a natal chart. You can just google free natal chart and get plenty of results. I also recommended cafeastrology.com because I know you can get a free chart there. And I do appreciate everyone’s patience, because that episode was about twice as long as usual, and this one is going to be lengthy too. I really try to respect everyone’s time and cut to the heart of a topic as sharply as I can, but with birth charts, there’s just so much meat on these bones, so to speak. There’s not a lot of fat that we can trim without leaving out a lot of important information. So, thank you for your patience in advance. Okay, let’s get down to business. 


So to recap really quickly here, your sun sign is the part of you, those aspects that others see. The moon sign is the part of you that only you see. In astrology, and in tarot for that matter, the moon represents emotions, instincts, the unconscious. So your moon sign reflects all of those things, your instinctive reactions. Sigmund Freud was kind of a huge jackass, but he recognized what he came to call the ego, which he defined as the consciousness, and the id, which he defined as instinct. Now, I won’t spend any more time on his ass than I have to but I wanted to point out that even popular psychology recognizes what astrologers have always known.


In a lot of ways, our moon is the part of our personality that we keep hidden, or at least that we try to. And it can be the part of our personality that we ourselves remain in denial about, and that’s why I believe, it’s important to drag those aspects out into the light and take a really good look at them. Because until we do, we are going to keep being in self-denial and we are going to keep allowing our moon to sabotage us in ways that we can’t even see, let alone begin to understand. 


The moon is also very sensual and reflects our pleasures as well. The moon rules our five major senses, taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing, and so our moon sign will affect the way we respond to external stimuli in our environment. And of course as we said, the moon rules our emotions, so it is an extremely important player in how we behave and react and respond in romantic relationships. And now let’s break down what that means for each of the moon placements. 


And would you look at that, Aries is first on the list. So Aries is a masculine fire sign, and the moon is a cooler feminine influence, and so that sort of combination lends a great sharpness to an Aries moon’s psychic senses. This allows an Aries moon to make really swift judgment calls. And an Aries moon is generally impatient; they’re not interested in collating facts and figures before jumping to a conclusion or before starting something new. And if whatever they’re trying doesn’t work out, an Aries moon is quick to move on to the next thing too.


Now, if your sun sign is one that tends to be long on patience, but you have an Aries moon, this can and will cause some push and pull within you. Because you’re going to feel like you should be listening to that angel on your shoulder telling you not to rush into things, to make sure you have a plan in place, but then that Aries moon on your other shoulder is going to tell you just do it. If your sun sign is also impatient, well, you’re going to have to lean on your other placements to get some balance, because you won’t find it in your sun or your moon. 


On the positive side, an Aries moon has a lot of success socially. They excel at making a good impression at parties and other social events. And they’re really generous. Aries moon is very optimistic and although they are pretty quick to anger, they don’t hold a grudge. Unless their sun sign is a water sign. Then they hold a grudge like it’s an Olympic event. But water sun Aries moon is very artistic and intense, so they got that going for them. Fire sun Aries moon is impulsive, but very influential. Earth sun Aries moon are natural leaders, and Air sun Aries moon are incredibly shrewd, they see straight through the bullshit.


Moon in Taurus is up next. In astrology, the moon is said to be exalted in Taurus, meaning this is the moon’s ideal placement. Taurus is an earth element, and so it stabilizes the moon’s erratic changeable nature. Moon in Taurus has all the moon’s strengths and none of its weaknesses. Conversely, Taurus is known to be more rigid and methodical, so the moon softens its tendency to be so stubborn and fixed, or at least the moon turns those influences into positive traits. So what you end up with when you’re a moon in Taurus is a person who has a healthy way of expressing emotion, who is romantic, who is deeply loyal.


The only truly negative result of the moon in Taurus is that they will stay too long in a bad relationship. They aren’t quick to jump out of a relationship that isn’t meant for them, even when the writing’s on the wall so to speak. They will continue to try and make it work long after they should. They have a deep need for love and security. So if this is your moon placement, be on the lookout for that in your relationships.


A fire Sun Taurus moon gives a person a strong personality that people find magnetic. An Air sun Taurus moon combination leans strongly into the Taurus inclination for making money. Water sun Taurus moon strengthens the inclination toward creativity, and because Taurus is so doggedly determined, there’s a good chance you can be successful in some sort of artistic endeavor. And finally, Earth sun Taurus moon is probably the best combination for wealth and success. And I know earth suns love to hear that. 


So what about a Gemini moon? Well if your moon is in Gemini It will have the effect of making you a more versatile, sort of go with the flow person than you might otherwise be. Gemini moon will lend its wit and its charm, Gemini moon will make you more fun to be around. On the other hand, you may also deal with Gemini’s disorganization, and for a super organized, detail-oriented sun sign like maybe Virgo, that can really be frustrating. Just recognize that Gemini moon has a tendency towards inconsistency and superficiality so be aware of that. Also a Gemini moon can be very manipulative, it comes pretty easy.


But there are so many good things to say about Gemini moon. It makes a very active mind, and talking with a Gemini moon is incredibly mentally stimulating. Gemini moon has wonderful insights and they’re really good at analyzing and verbalizing those analytical thoughts, so they’re really great at intellectual debate. Air signs are always quick-witted and Gemini moon is no exception. They make great speakers and writers. Romantically, Gemini moon is a bit of a free spirit only in that, as an intellectual, they don’t relate so well to an overly emotional partner. They prefer someone a bit more, not detached, but someone who is able to talk through issues with solid logic and reason. 


If you are an Air sun, a Gemini moon is going to play to your strengths of intelligence and self-expression. A water sun Gemini moon will find that their emotional tendencies are tempered by the Gemini influence and your creative talents will be sharpened. A fire sun Gemini moon is going to find that their leadership abilities, which are already pretty strong, are going to be enhanced by the intellectual edge of Gemini. And finally an earth sun Gemini moon is going to find that their sort of doggedly-practical-to-the-point-of-paralysis nature is tempered by Gemini’s natural ability to make quick, yet well-reasoned decisions.


And a Cancer moon. Well Cancer is already ruled by the moon, so basically we can expect those moony qualities to really come out to play. Cancer moon is very imaginative, very emotional, very romantic, very moody. So for the Cancer moon, all the best and the… least best qualities of the moon are thrown into sharp relief. Cancer moon is very loyal and sensitive, but they also can be really difficult to read because let us not forget that one of the key moon qualities is mystery. Cancer moon is far more emotional than intellectual in how it processes information. But this makes for an excellent artist. Some of the most powerful artists and writers are Cancer moons. And as a side note, Cancer moons tend to have excellent memories, so don’t cross a Cancer moon because they will not forget it.


Cancer moons are easily hurt, they do wear their hearts on their sleeves. And this can sometimes be surprising to people, because Cancer moons can seem sort of tough, sort of I don’t know if forceful is the word, but their personalities can be very assertive, especially if a Cancer moon happens to have a fire sun sign, but the truth is that tough shell hides a soft center. And as a double moon sign, essentially, their moods can be really hard to follow. The waxing and waning of their moods is second only to the actual moon. Romantically, they tend to be unlucky in love early on in life while they’re still figuring out how to navigate their own emotions, however, once they figure themselves out, they usually go on to have very deep, meaningful relationships. 


If you’re a water sun sign, the Cancer moon will intensify the depths of your already quite deep feelings, and on the plus side, your intuition is off the charts and you’re very creative. If you’re a Fire sign, your Cancer moon will channel all your enthusiasm and buoyancy of spirit into creative pursuits, and you’re probably at home on the stage, either literally or just in your tendency to take the spotlight in social situations. If you’re an Earth sun Cancer moon, all your deep-seated loyalties and all the passions that earth signs tend to keep under wraps will find their way to the surface. And if you’re an Air sun Cancer moon, all your intellectualism takes on a magnetic quality; you have a greater ability to speak to people in a way that touches them emotionally.


Leo moons are sort of the flip side of Cancer moons. Leo is ruled by the sun, so having your moon in Leo really balances out the, we’ll go ahead and say negative aspects of both Leo as an influence, and the moon. So you’re going to be more exuberant, more creative, more fun. It’s not all positives though, because you’ll also be more self-centered, a little more domineering. And vanity, lord almighty. Leo suns know all about how easily they can be swayed by someone who is skillful with a compliment, and Leo moons are not immune to flattery either. But a Leo moon shouldn’t be too suspicious of everyone who has a kind word to say, because the Moon in Leo gives people a lot of reasons to love and admire you.


Leo hates to be bored, and a moon in Leo will create interest and excitement for not just themselves, but others as well. Leo moons want to shake things up and keep things interesting. Leo moon is sincere and open and interesting and a natural leader, and that quality is infectious. Leo moon has a knack for getting the best out of people around them. Romantically, Leo moon is pretty extravagant. They can be a bit jealous, but generally not in an ugly way. However, they do tend to see their loved ones through rose-colored glasses, so when and if they don’t live up to those often unfair expectations, Leo moon feels crushed. But only until the next lover comes along.


If you’re a fire sun Leo moon, you’re going to be even more creative, and more naturally inclined to be a leader. For the Air sun Leo moon, your natural charm is going to be accentuated and even more dynamic. Water sun Leo moon amplifies your natural ability to reach people on an emotional level. Earth sun Leo moon takes the Earth desire to have financial security and combines it with the Leo drive and vitality to create someone who is really good at making money.


People with a Virgo moon can count on being more meticulous, responsible, and detail-oriented. They will also be more critical, argumentative, and they tend to be kind of hypochondriacs. Virgo steadies the erratic nature of the moon, and by that I mean Virgo is very analytical, the moon is very emotionally-driven, and those opposing inclinations are softened. So a Virgo moon will absorb all the sensory input they receive, and rather than act impulsively on it, they will stew on it for a while and analyze what it means and how they can use the information. Virgo moon doesn’t take anything at face value, they’re very skeptical, very realistic.


This capacity for seeing things as they are rather than as how we might like them to be gives a Virgo moon a great head for business. They’re very professional in their approach and in how they present themselves. They lean into the Virgo tendency to be methodical, which makes it frustrating for them to deal with people who are illogical or led too much by emotion. Romantically, Virgo moon can come across as cold or unemotional, but that’s an unfair mischaracterization. They are actually well-matched with people who are a little more playful and emotionally driven, because it provides a balance. They are serious and steadfast, but they are also loyal and they are good at taking care of people.


If you’re an earth sign Virgo moon, expect your practicality and cautious nature to be even more prominent. If you’re a fire sun Virgo moon, you will benefit from the focus and industriousness that Virgo will lend to your fiery enthusiasm. If you’re an air sun Virgo moon, you will have an enhanced intellect and a lot of originality. And if you’re a water sun Virgo moon, you are blessed with a critical anchor point to your emotional tendencies. 


And now it’s time to talk about Libra moon. People who with their moon in Libra are charmers, it’s pretty easy for them to get along with other people. They also are very concerned with fairness and justice, and they’re really preoccupied with living an aesthetically pleasing life. On the dark side of the Libra moon, they spend too much money, it’s difficult for them to make concrete decisions, and they can be pretty self-indulgent. A Libra moon loves beautiful things, beautiful spaces, beautiful places. Libra moon has to have at least one room in their home that is beautiful and well-decorated as a retreat for themselves. This is the person who, if they throw a party, will spend a lot of effort on curating the theme and making sure all the decorations, outfits, elements, and food reflect that.


As Libra is the sign of partnership, Libra moons can find themselves rather dependent in a relationship, not by accident, but by design. Libra is an air sign, let us never forget, and so Libra moon approaches relationships with the same intellectualism they approach everything else. So they may go through a lot of partners until they find someone they connect with mentally and intellectually, but when they find that person, usually someone with qualities of strength and a desire to take care of their partner, that’s when Libra moon makes their move. And I don’t mean to make it sound calculating, because Libra moon brings a lot to a relationship. They’re pretty easy to live with, they’re fun, they’re funny, they make a comfortable home, they’re wonderful conversationalists, and they’re loyal. But Libra moon knows how to make sure they’re taken care of.


If you’re an air sun Libra moon, you’ll have the ability to win friends and influence people. If you’re a fire sun Libra moon, your naturally magnetic personality is even more pronounced, and you have a better knack for putting your ideas into action. An earth sun Libra moon underscores your sense of drive and purpose with creativity, and is actually a really great sun/moon combination, incidentally. And if you’re a water sun Libra moon, you find that your intuitive, emotional nature is very well balanced by the Libra intellectualism. 


And now for the Scorpio Moon. This is a tricky lunar placement. Scorpio moons are very driven, very ambitious, but they can also be extremely jealous and secretive, and god help you if you cross a Scorpio moon. As much as a Scorpio sun can hold a grudge, a Scorpio moon will bide their time for as long as it takes to get their due. And they’re better than just about anyone at hiding those feelings. Scorpio moon is incredibly difficult to read. You will only ever see exactly what they want you to see. But make no mistake, there are a lot of emotions boiling beneath the surface. Scorpio moon is unmatched at self-control. Scorpio moon is all about extremes, just as Scorpio sun is, but in a moon-centric way.


But this is a less than flattering introduction to a moon sign that is also excellent at getting around obstacles and difficulties. They express themselves best through their hard work, usually in fields that serve others in some way. They are ambitious and they demand the best of themselves and interestingly enough, they are sexually very attractive. People are very attracted to Scorpio moon, Scorpio moon is not always attracted to those people though. They do not want to be controlled and it takes a long time for them to trust. But once they do find someone they feel secure about, someone they truly trust, they are a ride or die. Just don’t screw them over. 


If you’re a fire sun Scorpio moon, you’re even more magnetic and more driven. If you’re an earth sun Scorpio moon, you find strength and success in leadership positions. If you’re an air sun Scorpio moon, you’re going to be really good at relating to the public, and your powers of intellect are going to be razor sharp, and if you’re a water sun Scorpio moon, you will find that your creativity is enhanced by the fiery Scorpio ability to make dreams become reality. 


Next on the roster is Sagittarius. I have read, and I feel like my observations have borne this out, that Sagittarius moon affects an unprecedented vibrancy that it just doesn’t quite manage in other signs. The moon is not passive in Sag. Sag moons are just unbelievably sharp-minded, quick thinking, and insightful. Sag moon is adventurous, fearless, restless, optimistic, and absolutely open to exploration. Sag moon doesn’t ever have second thoughts about an idea. There is no second-guessing here. Sag moon gets an idea and immediately tackles it head on, and usually is very successful, and even on the rare occasion when they’re unsuccessful, they just don’t let it keep them down. They regroup, redirect, and try again.


Sagittarius moon makes friends easily, they have a great sense of humor, they’re fun to be around, they see the best in people. On the relationship side of that though, is that restlessness. That resistance to commitment. And it isn’t because they are oversexed, that’s not the problem, the problem is they don’t want a relationship that’s stale and predictable. They don’t like feeling tied down, and if they do begin to feel that way in their relationship they’re going to find a way out. They’re just too independent to find contentment in a partnership that’s dull by their standards. They are very optimistic, there’s a brightness of personality, but they don’t tolerate boredom and it will make them careless with other people’s hearts. Not maliciously, but as a matter of self-preservation. 


If you’re a fire sun Sagittarius moon, you can expect a boost in your self-confidence, your adventurousness, your sense of discovery. If you’re a water sun Sagittarius moon, you’re probably a writer to some extent, and if you’re not, you should try your hand at it. The sag moon will combine your emotional, mysterious qualities with a propensity for philosophy and independent thought. If you’re an air sun sag moon, expect to see those qualities manifest in your sparkling intellect and your enthusiasm, and if you’re an earth sun Sagittarius moon, your down-to-earth practicality in matters combines with a creative expansion of thought. 


And now we have Capricorn moon. The Capricorn moon is interesting, because this is one of those placements where the moon’s mysterious, ethereal, imaginative nature doesn’t take the driver’s seat. Capricorn manages to temper those sort of flighty tendencies and actually brings discipline to whatever your sun sign may be. So what I’m trying to express here is that in general, moon placements bring out the more instinctive, primal, intuitive, emotional responses of whatever sign they are in. But Capricorn in a moon placement actually confers more responsibility, determination, commitment on whatever your sun placement may be. Capricorn is so powerful in that way.


But it isn’t all work and no play for a Capricorn moon. Although Capricorn moon can take a little time to loosen up in social situations, they are very steadfast friends. They can be really generous and sincere once they’ve begun to feel secure in a friendship or a romantic relationship. And this can be why Capricorn moon usually finds true love a little later in life. These folks don’t usually jump in with both feet to every new relationship that comes along, they take their time. But, once they find that love, it is deep and it is enduring.


And Capricorn moons often find a way to make their sun signs work for them. What this means is if you’re an earth sun Capricorn moon, your natural rigidity, your focus on financial security, your dedication to whatever your passion may be, are going to be strengthened and enhanced. If you’re an air sun Capricorn moon, there is an intensity to your intellectualism, and you’re probably going to be drawn to higher learning or a career or even a hobby in which you just never stop learning new things. A water sun Capricorn moon may find a lot of focus in their creativity and their artistic expression and can combine those seemingly disparate placements to find some amount of success. And if you are a fire sun Capricorn moon, your magnetic personality, your leadership qualities, will have a razor-sharp focus.


Moon in Aquarius is a whole other ball game. While it’s true that, as an air sign, Aquarius is all about reason and lofty communication, the moon manages to pour into that placement a great deal of idealism, creativity, and humanitarianism. So an Aquarius moon will hear information and be able to understand it rationally, but also understand it from a more compassionate point of view. The moon in Aquarius really balances the outlook. And of course, being a moon-influenced air sign means that in general, Aquarius moon loves philosophy and higher learning. This may be a person that continues to take college courses long after they’ve graduated just to keep learning. AND, it must be said, also to avoid doing any especially hard work. 


Aquarius moon loves to talk with people. They love to debate ideas and to hear about people’s lives and problems, and they are known to have a very forward-reaching knowledge, almost to the point of clairvoyance, so they’re great at giving advice. They’re not so great at taking advice though, and it is all but impossible to change their point of view on something once they’ve decided they’re right about it. They can be tricky to pin down in romantic relationships, they don’t much care for being tied down and if a lover bores them intellectually, forget about it. That is not going to work for an Aquarius moon. They actually need someone who is even more attractive to their mind than to their body or their heart.


For the air sun, Aquarius moon, a career that is heavily dependent on communication, especially with all different kinds of people, is going to be a successful endeavor. A water sun Aquarius moon is going to be practically psychic. That water intuition with the Aquarian knowledge of the future is unmatched. A fire sun Aquarius moon gives those natural leadership qualities the added bonus of being able to easily and meaningfully relate to others. And an earth sun Aquarius moon gives all those big Aquarian ideas the discipline to actually turn your grandiose concepts into some kind of reality.


And last but certainly not least, Pisces moon. Pisces as a placement has a knack for self-deception, for overwhelming romanticism, for sensitivity, and the moon is not a balancing force at all. In fact the moon will tip the scales even further. So a Pisces moon tends to see the world through a lens that is not based in reality. Pisces moon sees things, the world and the people in it, as they’d like them to be. And this can be a great source of disappointment. Pisces moon is the ultimate idealist. Even though they can often keep it hidden from others, in their hearts, they really do become disillusioned easily and frequently when things don’t end up as they’d planned. 


A lot of sensitive souls are Pisces moon, the poet Percy Shelley, Leonardo da Vinci, Prince, Edgar Allen Poe, and you can see how this artistic flair and a love for beauty and romance and, also, illusion, makes a lot of sense in terms of the moon placement. There is a desire for escapism in a Pisces moon. They can be easy to take advantage of, and if they get into a relationship with one of these nefarious types it’s even worse, because PIsces moon loves to take care of their lover. They want so much to be in an all-encompassing, passionate, romantic relationship, that they can and will refuse to see the red flags until it’s too late. We all need to work together to protect these pure hearted people. 


If you’re a water sun Pisces moon, your imagination, creativity, and intuition are off the charts, and you’re probably a very spiritual person. If you’re a fire sun Pisces moon, you find your magnetic personality finds an even deeper connection with others. You are probably someone people go to when they’re feeling down. If you’re an earth sun Pisces moon, you probably find that you’re compelled by humanitarian work in some way; your natural drive and practicality combine with the Pisces idealism to find a way to help others. And if you’re an air sun Pisces moon, you are probably the person people go to for advice. Your Pisces placement helps you read a person’s situation easily and your Air sun placement helps you cut through the emotional noise to see the best course of action. 


And that’s how the moon placement affects us. Again, as with the sun signs, we need to remember that there are a lot of other factors that come into play; we can talk about how a Pisces moon affects relationships, but that doesn’t take into account a person’s Venus placement. But it all comes together. To compare it to a recipe, you know, we can talk about all the qualities of something like vanilla extract, the flavor profile, the floral notes, but those qualities manifest differently depending on whether the recipe is for angel food cake or devil’s food cake.  But in either case, it wouldn’t taste the same without vanilla. And the birth chart is essentially a recipe for making people. All the elements come together to make a unique individual. 


So that’s all we’re trying to do here, is read our own recipes. And once we know what we’re looking for, we can read other people’s recipes too. But, next week we are taking a break from birth charts because we are going to talk about Dream Magic. And then the week after that, we will be back talking about Ascendants, or rising signs. So in the meantime, I hope you have a lovely week, and we’ll talk again soon. My name is Eli, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch podcast. 


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