Hello everyone! Welcome to the last episode of June! This year is halfway over so like, how do we feel about that? How do we feel about how things have shaped up thus far? Are we feeling like we are happy with the direction we are headed? Do we feel like maybe we need a bit of a course correction? This is a good time for that. We have 26 weeks left in this year, that’s plenty of time to make adjustments and get back on track if we feel like we have diverged a little from what we intended to accomplish this year.

So maybe consider that, a little. Maybe give a little thought to what our goals and intentions were for this year. Dig out those journals and see what we’ve already ticked off the list and what still remains. There’s a lot of year left, we can absolutely finish strong.


I will get to our discussion in just a moment, but first, an email!


I am a new listener to your podcast and let me tell you, it’s exactly the kind of inspiration and joy that I needed in my life right now. I’m still catching up but I did have a question about the deities episode. I’ve never worked closely with a deity. My fear and self-doubt has always been in the way.


But on to my question. I have been seeing a lot of crows near my house lately. We’ve lived here for a couple years and I’ve never seen them before. It’s usually just one but I’ve seen up to as many as 5 or 6, though 3 is also a common amount. I’ve looked up crow signs but they don’t seem clear as there’s always varying amounts of birds at any given time. Then I started to feel like it might be a deity trying to reach me. I did some research and I have a very strong feeling it’s The Morrigan trying to offer her help and support in my personal health battle. I don’t do things lightly or without massive amounts of research and preparation. I’ve been trying to research her when I can.


I’m terrified I’m wrong and might accidentally piss her off if I call on her and she wasn’t trying to talk to me. Or I might upset her cause I’m not responding fast enough. Is there any advice you can give me to help me feel worthy and help me reach out? I’m worried about leaving things on my altar as offerings because I have three cats who like to walk all over it so it’s hard to have an altar in general. Thank you so much for everything that you do and I’m so excited to catch up on the rest of the episodes!


This is a question I get frequently, not specifically in regards to the Morrigan, but in general anytime a witch thinks that maybe a deity is trying to get their attention. And so I’ll say what I told this witch, but bear in mind, this applies almost across the board to all deities. There’s always so much to consider when working with a deity, but especially one as fearsome as the Morrigan. 


And first things first, forget about feeling any doubt about whether you’re really being called to acknowledge her. When it comes to any deity (but especially the Morrigan) if you’re feeling like maybe she’s communicating with you, she’s communicating with you. The Morrigan in particular  doesn’t do anything by halves.


Secondly, as to those feelings of unworthiness, something I always try to convey to folks is that, if it weren’t for imperfect people, deities would have no followers at all. We can’t imagine that we need to already have learned all of her lessons before we can approach her. If you already knew everything, you wouldn’t need her. The whole reason she is making herself known to you is because she feels that she has something to teach you.


Third, be ready for some tough love when a deity wants to work with you. The Morrigan was known to fly into combat with her warrior-acolytes, to fight alongside them and to walk with them to the afterlife if they were slain on the battlefield. She fought with them, but she did not fight the battles for them. So if she’s approaching you, it’s because she wants to help you become stronger and to feel victory in whatever areas of your life you need her strength, but she is not here to coddle you.


With all of that said, I would encourage you to just start reaching out. It doesn’t have to be in any kind of formal way, like with a designated hour-long meditation session (although if you can manage it, I’m sure neither she nor you will be disappointed), but by speaking to her, asking her to show you signs, visions, etc. Holding space on your altar is always a good practice, but if you’re concerned about your cats, or if you can’t maintain an altar for other reasons, you can also acknowledge her in other ways. Maybe by feeding those crows she keeps sending you, or writing to her.


She is likely to start speaking to you in your dreams as well, so keeping track of any significant or recurring symbolism would also be a way to both acknowledge her and to communicate with her. She won’t take your problems away, but she will happily confront them with you, to move through your shadow work with you and discover any repeating or destructive patterns you may have. 


I’m not trying to be ominous with all of that, but especially when we are talking about the Morrigan, I just want to make sure I accurately convey her style, and I really want to make sure that you feel completely worthy of working with her. These deities like to be acknowledged, they like to be remembered, and working with them is transactional. We give them tributes in various ways, and they give us wisdom. I feel like she has so much to give you.


So thank you for that question, as always you can email me anytime at eli@middleagedwitch.com or find me on social media at @middleagedwitch or check out the website at middleagedwitch.com.


Today we are going to talk about lunar stations in astrology, and just as a matter of clarification, these are also known as mansions of the moon, lunar mansions or lunar houses. So if you ever hear any of these terms in the future, just understand that they’re all talking about the same thing. This topic was suggested by a witch named Kym, and I’m excited to get to it, because it’s another one of those more obscure but really cool subjects that we don’t really hear much about.


This concept is as old as the Babylonians, the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, this concept was known in ancient India, it’s found in Chinese astrology, and so on. And the Cliff’s Notes version is that the zodiac is divided into 28 stations or mansions relative to the vernal equinox point, and there is one station for each day of the lunar month as the moon passes through its orbit around the earth.


This was a really precise way to measure time, and seasons, and a lot of ancient cultures used it as part of their calendar systems. And while traditional astrology relies on the position of the sun, the lunar mansions measure the movement of the moon against the fixed stars.


To be very plain, this is a very involved discipline, but like, so is regular astrology. We’re just more familiar with it. But lunar mansions are great for finding auspicious days for travel, for love, for expansion and manifestation, for abundance, for planting and harvesting, and so much more. There is more to it than that, but I’m gonna just drop you in the shallow end first and see how the water feels. If you think you’d like to learn more, then there will at least be a solid base of knowledge to build on.


For our purposes today, just know that this is good information to have when you’re planning something in advance and want to take advantage of a particular lunar station to help support your plans.


So, we are gonna talk about which mansions are most auspicious for certain events, but first, how do we figure out what mansion the moon is in on a given day? Now, because the lunar month isn’t like, precisely 28 days, it’s actually 27.3 days I think, the moon will frequently occupy more than one mansion on a given day, and so we need to be precise about what time the moon will enter a particular mansion so that we can make the best use of its particular lucky qualities.


So for example, today, the day of this recording, is June 28th, 2023, the current time is 4:28pm and I am in the Pacific time zone. Now, I’ve already Googled it because I will happily admit that I do not calculate this information longhand, and I happen to know that the moon will enter the 18th mansion in just over an hour, at 5:48pm. 


You can use the internet to learn more about the mansions or you can find many books that will elaborate on this concept. I have a book that I really enjoy, it’s called Mansions of the Moon: A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic by Christopher Warnock and I’ll link to this book in the episode description if you’re interested in learning more. 


So let’s just do a speedrun through the different mansions really quickly and touch on their big correspondences and because I’m feeling silly, let’s start with the 18th mansion. The main themes of the 18th mansion are protection and health and also construction, interestingly.


The 19th mansion is auspicious for growth and harvest, not strictly in an agricultural sense, but also in terms of expanding your own personal growth. The 20th mansion is great for love and friendship, and there are several mansions for this particular election, so don’t be surprised when we repeat this one a few times, and it’s also great for short-term travel.


The 21st mansion is another strong contender for construction and building. It’s fantastic for monetary profits, but it is a terrible mansion for love and marriage in particular. The 22nd mansion is where we find medicine and wellness, so an excellent mansion for doctor’s appointments, surgeries, spa days, and general self-care.


The 23rd mansion is where we will find both healing, as well as love and friendship, and I also like this mansion for looking for a new job. The 24th mansion is not a great mansion for building and renovations or for spending time in a big city if you can help it. But it is a great mansion for business and for striking business relationships.


The 25th mansion is not a great station for love, but it is good for construction and interestingly, for communication. The 26th mansion is for love and for road travel and also for firm justice, so maybe pick another mansion for contesting that traffic ticket. The 27th mansion is where we find trade and business again, it’s excellent for health and medicine, but not lovely for sea travel.


The 28th mansion is for business, for friendship, for marital peace, and it’s a fantastic mansion for getting rid of things that you don’t want, be it physical things that are taking up space or for getting rid of mental and emotional clutter. This is a great mansion for getting rid of baggage.


And let’s start at the 1st mansion now, excellent station for travel in general, not at all a good mansion for love. Good for medicine though. The second mansion is where we will find security and also where we can expect some financial abundance. Not a great mansion for being in or around bodies of water though.


The 3rd mansion is for love and security, alchemy, fire magick, and sex magick. The 4th mansion is kind of a crappy one for love and also for spending time in the city. The 5th mansion is lovely for art and creativity, for performance and for travel. The 6th mansion is a pretty lucky station for just about everything, love, travel, business, friendship, construction, and it’s also a good day for vengeance. It is not, however, a great mansion for medicine.


The seventh mansion is another one that’s going to be very auspicious for business and trade, love and friendship, it’s a great station for profit and for asking for a raise. The 8th mansion is a really fortunate station in general, travel, love, security, and for getting rid of pests, like literal pests and people in your sphere who do not have your own best interests at heart.


The 9th mansion is not super lucky. I would not choose to engage in travel in this mansion, I would avoid starting any new business, and I would avoid difficult discussions with friends or loved ones in the 9th station. The 10th station however, is excellent for love and friendship and also for developing business relationships.


The 11th mansion is gonna be good for business and for construction. And remember that when we say construction, we are talking about creation in general and that can be building anything, a new business, a relationship, a new workout routine, and so on. The 12th mansion is for love and security but not for sea travel. The 13th mansion is really auspicious for business and trade, this is another mansion that’s lucky for construction and for growth and expansion.


The 14th mansion is lucky for travel, lucky for love, lucky for health and medicine, NOT lucky for crops and not lucky at all for growth in general. The 15th mansion is another station that is not going to do your personal relationships any favors, and it’s not a great day for travel either, so maybe take that into consideration when developing vacation plans.


The 16th mansion is great for freedom, but terrible for relationships which makes it a wonderful day for telling someone what you really think of them and maybe ending that toxic relationship once and for all. And finally the 17th mansion is an excellent station for forging new friendships, it’s a great day for protection, and a wonderful day for construction.


So, like, super fast crash course through all 28 of the mansions. I know that we kind of blew right through these, but this is why we have written transcripts of all of these episodes on the website, middleagedwitch.com. There’s a lot of information and a lot to think about and while we can’t set all of our appointments according to the mansions of the moon, we can certainly use this information to our advantage for the important stuff that comes up in our lives. 


It really is as simple as a Google search to find out what station the moon will be in on a given day when we are making travel plans or wedding plans or business plans, and we can just give ourselves the odds when we are making big decisions and setting important dates. So, I hope this has been helpful, and I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend, and we will talk next week.


My name is Eli Ro, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch podcast.


Additional Resources: 


Mansions of the Moon: A Lunar Zodiac for Astrology and Magic by Christopher Warnock






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