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      Eli Ro

      Here’s where you say anything that’s on your mind. Ask any question, make any observation, post your Twitter feed, link to news articles, whatever.

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      Enndigo Rhose

      Seeking moon water advice.
      How much do you collect per phase (dark/full)?
      How do you store it?
      Is tap water okay to use if you bless it?
      What are thoughts on light touching your moon waters? I need to video myself on moon water mornings and post it for comic relief. Either my eyes fly open about 30 seconds before morning twilight and I come straight up out of bed in a panic trying to beat the sunlight to my back stoop to get my various odd-sized and -colored glass jars and bottles off the steps so they won’t be “contaminated.” Or, I forget they’re out there and it’s well past twilight when I remember. If full sunlight does not fall across my jars, and it’s still darkish early morning, like before 6, I feel okay and I store them and say a blessing over them and hope for the best. If it’s full daylight when I remember to get them, I have left them outside all day and just let em hang out all night again.
      I have my containers in my bedroom in the bookcase where my altar is set up. I don’t refrigerate, and my room is pretty dark with blackout curtains and usually very cool. Do you think that’s okay? Right now, I use it for drinking water in my bedside carafe and I add it to my coffee, use it on my altar during ritual. I gave some to the cats I rescued to help heal them. Ritual bath. Stuff like that.

      Thanks for any advice! Blessings to all. Love to our HP.

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        Eli Ro

        I collect a different amount every time lol! If I have specific plans for it beyond my usual cup of coffee and refilling my moon water spray bottle, then I’ll put a big ass jar out, but usually it’s about a pint I’d say. I looove the idea of giving water to your rescue cats! What a brilliant way to use it.

        I’m interested to know how other people store their moon water. I’ve never really given it much thought, but I don’t have mine for too long usually. And I use tap water…

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        Moon water does wonders for plant propagation!! I have made it my go to for all my new little green babies!

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        Eli Ro

        Yes!! Green witch magick 🌿🌿🌿

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      Corinna de Luna

      I’m so excited about this forum! Yay! <3
      For moon water, I put filtered water in glass bottles with swing-top rubber stoppers. you can usually get them in various sizes at restaurant supply stores or websites for pretty cheap. I just keep the full jars in a cabinet (I got some doors for the ubiquitous Kallax Ikea shelves).

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      I love making moon water! It’s my go to full moon activity. I have struggled for years with not being a “full-moon” witch. I see all these witches on social media sites just living up the full moon but often times I feel pretty bad, sometimes physically sick during the full moon . I felt like a fraud. I would kinda shame myself for it. I mean how witchy is it to not super love the full moon??! Well after much work , I have accepted that I am a “new-moon” witch. I feel energetic and ready to write my story during the new moon. So I do most of my spellwork during this phase. Because of the drain I feel during the full moon making moon water is an awesome way for me to celebrate that moon cycle without taping into my energy force.
      Now on to your questions and my opinions (which are just that my opinions so please take it or leave it)
      I don’t buy into the idea that moon water loses it’s charge by being touched with sunlight. The sun and moon are partners. Is not the moon’s light actually the sun’s light being reflected?
      I don’t worry about storage if the water is being used for spellwork, offerings, or cleansing. However, if I’m making consumable moon water and I don’t drink it immediately in the morning I do put it in the fridge but that’s because I tend to infuse some type of editable in it. I typically pull from the Green Witch Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey to determine what editable I/others would benefit from consuming.
      As for the amount I make: it changes depending on how organized my life is. If I’m organized I tend to make a ton as I make it for all my witch friends. They love the card pull method. It’s amazing how accurate that deck is for me and those I pull for.
      In the past I have used filtered bottled water. However, I have been taking a look at my plastic use and thinking it is time for a change. So tap water is most definitely not out for me.
      Blessed Be

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      I have had trouble sleeping all my life until recently that has resolved (yay menopause?) but now I have the most awful dreams. What can I do prior to turning in to prevent these exhausting dreams?

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        Two things that I’ve tried with success are sleeping with crystals on the nightstand next to my head, and
        a bag (or sachet) with herbs to keep under my pillow. I have a list of herbs and stones saved~

        Crystals: Agate, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, any crystals that are black for protection, really. Smoky Quartz,

        Herbs: Anise, Ash, Cayenne, Cedar, Flax, Garlic, Lemon Balm, Mustard Seed, Rosemary, Sage, Salt. Lavender, of course.
        Maybe a cleansing of the room you sleep in? Protective spells on the windows (protective salts or oils spritzed?) If you’re able to burn things in your space, maybe some sweetgrass to sweeten your dreams? Good luck!

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      Enndigo Rhose

      Using petals from ritual offering flowers – is this wrong?

      A month ago, I gave sunflowers as an offering to the Goddess I was petitioning. I removed them from the altar when they began to fade but they stayed on my kitchen counter for a few days before I retired the stems outside to the compost.

      Before I retired them, I removed the beautiful dried but still quite vibrant and aromatic petals and stored them in a jar for whatever comes up, like a real witch. But I was concerned that this might be disrespectful? I have done a similar thing with sprigs of fresh rosemary and ivy that my potted plants graciously provided to use in candle dressing and for offerings. Except instead of deleafing the stems (they clearly were still alive and even sprouting), I left them in the moonwater I had used as part of the offering. I removed them from the altar after a few days but left them on my kitchen counter, and they rooted! So like any decent witch, I stuck them in dirt amd they seem to be doing well, which I interpret loosely as blessing? But I thought it would be wise to fact-check it.

      What say ye, Sisters? Yes, no, maybe, all answers appreciated. Blessings to all.

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        Lissie Anna

        Hi – I think it would be good to use them. I figure if the universe recycles everything, we can too! I think the only thing that would keep me from re-using is if the intentions of the offering are in conflict with intentions you have for the next use.

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