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      Eli Ro

      Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? What drew you to witchcraft? What’s your moon sign?

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      Merry Meet!
      I’m so excited to be a part of this beautiful group of powerful Witches! I settled into my craft around 30 years ago. I can’t even remember a time that I wasn’t drawn to the craft. As a tiny child I made magical brews and potions. I even made my Barbies/Jem (she had the best hair) into witches. I always loved a story with a witch in it but I also knew in my heart that witches weren’t bad like they were portrayed in literature and other media. I was drawn to the idea of healing others and manifesting my own reality. This draw hasn’t changed for me. I love being able to create awesome things in my life and the lives of others! Moon= Libra
      Blessed Be,

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      Jae Hawk

      Bright Blessings to all! I am a “returning” witch, rediscovering my craft again after decades of not honoring myself. I am a single Mom of two dudes, 19 and 22, as well as a host of animals. I’m from the Great Lake State and I have always been drawn to the water (probably because I’m a Scorpio!). I love being in nature, reading, photography and writing. I feel pulled towards Hedge Witchery… because I have always known I’m a healer of sorts. I’m looking forward to learning about the craft as well as being a part of this amazing community. Although I can be a bit shy, please don’t hesitate to say hello 🙂

      Blessed be!

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      Enndigo Rhose

      Hey, Witches, I am Wild Enndigo Rhose. I’m a fairly new witch, practicing only about 2 years. After I walked away from 3 and a half decades of practicing Christianity, I spent a couple years seeking truth and freedom, but I have been drawn to the Crooked Path from early childhood. I am an eclectic solitary, my path includes Goetia deities as well as the Ancient Ones from Egyptian, Greek and Celtic traditions, and I have some experience with Santeria. I’m studying the Quaeria curriculum by Josephine McCarthy, and I highly recommend it for anybody. It is a classical strategy that builds upon skills. It’s like Karate Kid for witches – you will work at mastering some things before moving on to the next module.

      I adore reading, tarot, astrology and creating my little rituals. I love learning and helping others learn the way. I am trying to grow my own plants for my magickal workings. I am a crafter. I love to crochet and make jewelry, and I just made my first woodworking project using a router! I just rescued a cat who didn’t tell me she had 5 babies when I invited her in, so now I’m looking for homes for all of them. Otherwise, I’m enjoying my favorite season right now and excited about meeting some sister witches in this forum!

      I live in the deep South with 2 of my 3 sons who are middle- and high-schoolers. I have a grown son and daughter in law and a granddaughter. I’m just now croning, no cycle for about 5 mos. now. On that note, if you suspect that you’re getting close to your last cycle, SAVE SOME!!! Save a little of the blood for blood magick. I wish I had.

      I’ve been a paralegal for almost 25 years, and I just got a position at the firm I always wanted to work at – yes, you bet your ass I cast serious magick for it. My first major spellwork for like something really big that I wanted and needed really bad. The Great Goddess has been so kind to me.

      Eli’s podcast has helped me so so much, not just to learn how to successfully cast spells and “do” witchcrafting. When I felt stupid for trying to do a new thing in my life and about to give up, I heard her say, “You’re a goddamn witch,” (my fave Eli podquote) and it steeled my spine and helped me push through. And I am so glad I did.

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      Hello All!
      I’m a true blue, moody Cancer and I have been interested in healing and helping people ever since I can remember. I was the one packing bandaids for the skinned knees to go roller skating with friends. I found real witchcraft when I was nineteen while checking out the spirituality section in the mall bookstore. I was drawn in by some fantastic artwork on a box tarot cards. I say real because I used to dream of being like Sabrina so I could clean my messy room with a swish of my finger. Then there were quite a few years where I lost my focus and I lost myself. Over the last 7-8 years I have gone through some mighty rough times but I have been slowly finding my wings again. Eli and this podcast have helped me to organize some of my scattered thoughts and find intention and direction. I’m so excited to read your stories and share this journey with you all.
      Blessed be,

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        Merry Meet Brandi (or should I say neighbor!??!)
        What a small world we are living in. I have been wondering about you and the possibly of you practicing. Very cool 😎 Happy to know! I’d love to have tea and talk witchy stuff sometime!
        Blessed Be

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        I would really like that Candice!

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      Good afternoon! I am Maggie. (These are so awkward for me) Currently in Texas, with stops in Montana and Scotland. Mostly herbs and, most recently, sigils. Eh on candles and elaborate rituals. Mainly, my magic is MacGyver Magic….whatever is handy and duct tape.
      What else? I enjoy magic because I am always learning. Maybe the word is evolving. I am enjoying the hell out of it.

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      Dani B

      Hello to all of you wonderful witches! I’m Dani and I’m from minnesnowta. I am a newer witch that is dabbling in many different kinds of magic trying to find my place within the magical world! I hope you are all doing wonderful- love and light to you all ❤️

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      Hey, my peeps! My name is Sheila, I’m from Massachusetts and have felt the magic for all of my (almost!) 54 years. I’m an Irish Scorpio that was raised Catholic. In 1999 when I went back to school I had to take an anthropology class and I chose “healing practices from around the world”. We had to choose a healing modality to learn about and present to our classmates. Wicca was one of the modalities! I chose that topic and every word I read felt like coming home <3 I have been meandering down the path ever since. I’ve called myself many names. Witch, Wiccan, eclectic pagan, sorcerer. I’m never sure which one is most comfortable as a ‘label’ but it’s usually ‘Tree hugging dirt worshiper, haha! Merry meet to you all!

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      Lissie Anna

      Hey Witches! I’m Lissie Anna. I’m only recently awakened to the craft, though I recognize now it has always been there. Besides being a badass Witch, I’m a musician, religious studies professor, and counselor. As my resume pretty much screams, I’m a Pisces (moon sign Cancer; rising sign Leo…I recently did my birth chart and am still basking in the afterglow of all this new info.) While I’ve long tread the road of recovery from Christian fundamentalism, it has been a revelation here lately to realize that so much of what speaks to me is in fact the way of the Witch. Though I’ve taught courses for years about women’s religious lives in Western antiquity and felt a strong kinship with those women who came before us, I had not allowed myself to take that next step into communion with them as sisters. I’m so glad to finally have let go my fears and inhibitions. It is amazing what we withhold from ourselves! (Hey, somebody get that goddam crazy goat Black Philip on the line and tell him it turns out I wouldst indeed like the taste of butter – and put a rush in it! Two shakes of a lamb’s tale, buddy! LOL) Thanks to all of you who have shared here. You make me smile and feel so grateful to be part of this amazing little group. Rock on, Witches!

      Blessed Be,
      Lissie Anna

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      Hello everyone. I’m a dabbler crone and have recently started to become more serious about regular practice. Love the podcast.

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      Hello everybody. I have admitted to this path a year ago. I was always very critical of christianity and spirituality in any way was not discussed at home. I was raised by my great grandmother in Germany. She was protestant and I was baptized catholic. Always very skeptical. I have felt such a relief when I admitted this to myself and doing witchcraft and ritual and most importantly appreciate the earth and our cycles has helped. My pragmatism sometimes gets the better of me. I live in Kansas now, am 52 and no croning yet. lol.
      I am still figuring out everything .So happy to be here with everyone.

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      Hey everyone! I’m Meagan and I live in Portland, OR. I started practicing witchcraft a little over five years ago when I found myself feeling disconnected from everything. I googled “how to feel connected” and long story short, some of the results led me onto this path. I love that this is a never-ending journey and there is always something new to learn, or a deeper understanding to find. I’ve recently become more interested in learning more about the Morrigan. I’m also trying to be more “creative” with my craft by making my own candles and oils. I love the podcast, and I’m excited to find new connections here.

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      Merry Meet everyone!! I’m in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I’ve been practicing and honing my path for the last 6 years….I’m a Capricorn (although I don’t feel like one lol), moon sign is Cancer…43 years old, 2 children (18 and 22), I have an amazing partner who follows his own left hand path….I love that there’s a community on here – it gets mighty lonely being a solo witch lol I’ve been drawn to this since I was a little kid, my Danish grandma read tea leaves, tarot, and palms professionally, although I wasn’t as close as I would have liked it definitely influenced my spirituality….it took me a long time to say “f**k it” to conventional practices and do what I felt pulled towards. I’ve never felt more whole and part of something bigger <3 You can find me on insta @spiritualjrnys if you want

      Blessed be!!

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      Hi, I am 59 and nearly 2 years into my practice. I stumbled on witchcraft purely by chance and I’ve never looked back. I am eclectic in what I do and follow, I love to do little rituals, adore candles, love crystals although not really connected with them how I would like to. I love researching and using herbs and essential oils. I really am very simplistic in my approach, I may decide I want to do for example a happiness spell and within half an hour I’m doing it. That’s me, no bells and whistles and fancy stuff going on here and that’s how I like it. I have a husband, 2 older sons and a beautiful but very complex border collie. I am partially in the broom closet, I do not call myself a witch as too many times imposter syndrome creeps in so I just go about my days doing my thing, very simply and absolutely live how calm it all makes me feel. Merry meet x

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      Hello hello everyone! My name is Andrew. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Texas, and I currently reside in Houston. Born into a Catholic family, I still resonate with many of their rituals as a sense of comfort- but I would not associate myself with any religion currently. Five years ago, I began my spiritual journey after reading The Alchemist and The Four Agreements. These books initiated a paradigm shift for me. From there, I read many books over the chakra system, psychology, crystals, gardening, and last but not least- the tarot. Tarot readings were my first exposure to the craft when I visited the Renaissance Festival and had my cards read. Many years later, when my aforementioned paradigm shift occurred, it was only fitting that I bought my own tarot deck and introduced myself to the witchy world. I only partook in Tarot readings for the longest time- eventually adding on ritual cleansing baths to rejuvenate myself and cleanse me of lingering energies; however, I am now expanding my horizons to other facets of the craft. I even had my first moon ritual with the past new moon! I recently stumbled upon this podcast and I am not ashamed that I caught up very quickly and without even meeting anyone or partaking on this website, already feel like a member of the community.

      More about me- I am a biomedical engineer posing as a healthcare worker in the Houston medical center, where I realized that, yes, I am a healer; but, not in the western medicine sense. The preventative medicine we unconsciously partake in during our rituals is what I gravitate to; healing the body before you ever get ill enough to, in my opinion, poison your body with those man-made, side-effect ridden drugs. I am city bound but have started a garden on my patio of my apartment and would love to help anyone start theirs if they are inclined. No matter the space you live in, there is a way for you to achieve green thumb status!

      I went back to school and will graduate in November for software engineering/computer science. I hope this will allow me to take back control over my schedule, allow me to work remote and move from the city- where I basically aspire to create my own little refuge. I also have plans on creating a calendar/note taking application centered around moon cycles, celestial movements, and holidays that also will have databases set up where you can search by herb/plant for their magical properties and an area for you to document anything or everything you desire. So stay tuned for that! I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

      So please feel free to reach out to me if you are in the area and would like to meet. up, or if you want to discuss gardening, possible coding projects, or your latest book obsession!

      Sun: Scorpio / Moon: Taurus / Rising: Gemini

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