Hello, everyone and thank you for having me. I have a lot to get through today, so we are going to hit the ground running with an email, well, actually an update from some spell advice that this witch had requested a while back. She had an important interview coming up and she wanted to make sure that she nailed it. My advice was a standard “Get That Job spell. Basically, you eat an apple a day or two prior to the interview, and while you’re eating this apple, envision nailing this interview, getting the job, starting your first day, and so on. Then once you’re done, cut the apple core open and save the seeds. When you go in for the interview, take those seeds with you and then, as you’re leaving, leave the seeds behind somewhere on the job site.

A few weeks later, I got this update from that witch:

Good Morning Eli,

I just wanted to give an update to you from a month ago. Long story “shorter”, I was stuck at a job that was “easy” and honestly could do what I wanted to… but I just felt unsuccessful and like my life was stuck in a small never ending circle/cycle. So, I decided it was time to look for something I knew would not only be an amazing career, but also make me feel fulfilled in life.

I live in Ohio, and I decided to go to what I know and love… the medical industry… I knew I was too old to do physical work like I used to (I have a lot of medical conditions that affect my body horribly) so I was looking for something more mentally challenging this time around. (I was a Nurse/PCA for together about 10-12 years)

I applied for multiple positions at our top university as they have a top notch medical center… When I mean multiple I mean over 15-20 positions. Mind you I started this journey in February! With months of no luck, no matter what I would do spell wise, and spiritually I just kept getting nowhere. So in May I decided to go out on a limb and ask your opinion.

You suggested the “Apple” spell. While I had every intention to do this I literally got an email the day you had replied to me, asking to do an interview in just a few hrs… This interview was for my dream position and I could not wait… so I did what any of us witches do…

I improvised and combined the spell!

I had a money/job spell from one of my dear friends in my coven, I had been using, and everyone was getting “lucky” and I was not… So I took the spell I knew, and added in the apple (as the candle holder) and took the seeds out like you said, and manifested the shit out of this job as if I already had it!

Interview went great, and I was asked to come in a few days later for “another interview and a tour of the facility and department I would be working in”. As I went to my 2nd interview I was so nervous (which is not me), but once I relaxed the interview went better than expected and I left feeling like I was going to get a call the next day… I felt like I found my work home, and that feeling for me was indescribable.

On my way home I realized I forgot to not only drop my seeds, but I also forgot to bring them. Then I started to panic! On the way home I was talking to my husband when an email came through. It was an email to set up two more interviews for the Drs. I would be working with. (yes for a total of 4 interviews for this job… they make sure you really want it)

The universe knew I would need the seeds later on!

My interviews with the two Drs. were two weeks apart from each other and also on Zoom not in person So again I had to improvise your spell work. So after the last interview, I decided to make a “brew” (simmer pot) and I added my seeds to the mixture… When I say you could feel the difference in our house, you could feel the difference… Then three days later I got an email about doing “final” steps, and yesterday (June 29th) I got the call I have been waiting for!!!

I got the JOB!!!

I have never worked so hard for a job in my 38 years! It was mentally draining and very challenging, but I’m so glad I stuck it out!

As witches, I feel sometimes we get “stuck”, and asking for help can seem like our own magic is not enough. When in reality, it just needs a little boost! I tweaked my spell and yours and BOOM it made the perfect pair! Nothing wrong with that!

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for reaching out to me and allowing us witches to use your spells, and “bounce” off of each other’s ideas. In this community it can be hard at times not knowing the intentions of others and whether we can trust them, and I know I’m not the only one who truly is so appreciative of you and what you not only put out for us, but also give to us!

Thank you so much Eli, Much love to you and yours,

Raven Willow

Now I don’t think I need to explain just how much I loved this whole situation. Putting the apple seeds in a simmer pot during an online interview is such a 21st century solution to not being able to leave the seeds behind at an in-person interview. But it isn’t just that. Over and over again throughout this process, this witch was adjusting, adapting, altering in order to keep the spirit of the spellwork she was using even though the situation kept changing and evolving around her.

She didn’t get frustrated or discouraged or look for reasons why this was the universe telling her it wasn’t meant to be. This witch kept putting one foot in front of the other and kept finding ways to get the results she wanted in a very fluid situation. This is what witchcraft is. If we were just happy to be at the mercy of outside influences, if we were just content to accept whatever comes our way, we wouldn’t bother with witchcraft.

Witchcraft dares to demand more. It finds a way. It borrows and it builds on the work of others and it creates a unique amalgamation that is suited to each witch’s specific circumstance. And this is why I try to really drive home the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to witchcraft. I am not a big fan of treating spells like we’re reading a recipe, where there are no substitutions and adjustments. I love spells as guidelines, they’re there to give us a blueprint, a starting point, a good idea of what we need to do. But we need to be ready and willing to make changes as needed, and I just thought that this witch really exemplified that.

So thank you Raven Willow for sharing your story, and especially for the update. I get so many emails and messages and it’s really gratifying to hear back from someone to see how their situation has resolved. So if you’d like to message me, please email me at eli@middleagedwitch.com, or find me on social media at @middleagedwitch or on the website, middleagedwitch.com.

So today, I want to talk about fertility magick. This was a suggestion from a witch called Brielle which I always appreciate, so please, if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover here, just drop me a line. But I do want to make a couple things crystal clear before we get into this discussion. Fertility is a really sensitive subject for a lot of folks, and I really don’t want to approach this without addressing that and acknowledging it. Furthermore, I am not a doctor and I don’t know shit, so please do not misconstrue anything we talk about today as medical advice.

That’s not how we are approaching this subject. Our main focus here is going to be fertility rituals, as well as herbs, crystals, and deity work that are associated with fertility. And we aren’t going to talk too much about sex magick either, because we did an entire episode about that and I’ll link to it in the episode description. But the difference between the two is that sex magick can be used to supercharge any kind of spell work. Fertility magick is used specifically for fertility.

And I am not gonna waste time, let’s get to some spellwork whose purpose is to support fertility. So first and foremost, right off the bat, let’s talk about what we might include in a spell bag or a mojo bag. Cowry shells are frequently used in fertility magic, and in addition to being easy to find on jewelry (which is also something someone might consider), they’re small, inexpensive, easy to find, and they work really well in a spell bag.

I would also include a bit of copper, such as a penny, and a couple chicken bones. Crystals we could include in this might be rose quartz, onyx, jade, green agate or green jasper, moss agate, or carnelian. Herbs that I like for this kind of work are going to include star anise, mustard (I keep a little jar of mustard seeds for spellwork, you can find this in the spice aisle at the grocery store), mistletoe, patchouli, acorns, sunflower, and pine needles or even a small pine cone. Big time fertility symbolism in the pine cone.

I would make and charge this spell bag on the full moon, and keep it under the bed and take it out to recharge in the full moon once a month until we get that little blue plus sign.
Candle work that we can use in fertility rituals is gonna be kind of dual purpose. First and most significantly, we can use the element of fire to send our manifestations out, to set those intentions and put them into the universe. The second thing about candle work for fertility is that candles help set the mood and I can only speak for myself, but I look much better by candlelight.

So anyway, fertility candle spell. I would begin with a candle. Green or blue if that’s available, but a white candle always works. I would make a fertility oil to anoint the candle with, and here’s how you make it. You’ll begin with a little olive oil, just an ounce will be more than enough. Add some basil to the oil, lemon balm if you’ve got it, fennel, sage, yarrow, coriander, or grain. Just as many of those as you’ve got handy. Mix your ingredients together and warm the mixture over low heat for 20 minutes or so.

Let your oil cool, and then strain out all of the plant material and use this oil to anoint your candle before lighting it and allowing it to burn down safely. You can also use this as a massage oil but be damn careful not to get it on your sexy bits. We’re trying to be positive for pregnancy, not a UTI. There’s another reason that anoint the body though, and that’s because we can create a sigil for this intention as well. I did an entire episode on making sigils, so once again I’ll include that in the notes.

But you can use this oil to draw those sigils on the body before engaging in sexual congress, and it could be beneficial to put those sigils over the sacral chakra, which is associated with fertility.

Another thing that could be considered is calling on a deity during the course of your manifestation. I would approach this just like I would any kind of deity work when I have a specific outcome in mind. And there are so, so many deities that you could consider.

The deities that most readily come to mind when we think about or talk about fertility and fertility rites are going to be Aphrodite, Adonis, Zeus (not surprisingly; that dude never met a woman he wouldn’t put a baby in) but also Artemis, Ra, Shiva, Brigid, Freya, Demeter, Hades, the Green Man, Inanna, Rhiannon and Aphrodite’s Roman counterpart, Venus.

Do a little research on different fertility gods and just see if any names stand out for any reason, if you feel a certain pull. And then once you’ve got someone in mind, learn a little about them, I mean it’s worth at least a cursory Wikipedia search to get some background on a deity that you intend to approach. And then I would make room on my altar for them. Put out some water or spirits, put out some offerings related to fertility, such as apples or grapes or even flowers, especially roses.

Spend time in meditation with this deity, explain what you would like, which is going to be assistance with fertility, and explain what your end of the deal will entail. Maybe you’re going to maintain their altar and freshen it up once a week with new offerings. Maybe you’ll get a picture or small statue of this deity so that you have a proper shrine that you can go to to communicate with them. Or whatever the case may be.

Deity work is very very personal. You are going to have to have a conversation with your deity and come to a mutual agreement and more than likely, a much deeper relationship with this entity than you originally anticipated. Deity work is heady stuff, and it isn’t something to be approached lightly, but it can really support our work and it can help us feel like we’re not alone.

And that’s where we are going to leave it for today. Next week, we are going to do a whole episode about Aphrodite, and while she is at least in part, a fertility goddess, we are going to see that she is so much more. And I’m so hype for it. Thank you again for joining me, have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the New Moon next week. I can already feel her, she is going to be an intense one. My name is Eli Ro, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch Podcast.

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