Hello beautiful people and happy Mabon. There’s a lot to celebrate coming up with the beginning of Libra season and the Equinox. But first I have to say thank you to everyone who extended kind thoughts and healing energies to Johnny. Last week was the first time in the history of this podcast that I didn’t do a show. Every week for more than two years running I’ve posted an episode. And it’s always been kind of a point of pride, and maybe ego. I mean, I’ve recorded while I was sick, while we were out of town, when I had Covid. Twice. But last week I was just not in the right headspace. And I had to give the energy that I did have to my boy. 

Johnny is my honorary co-host. He’s always here when I record, laying at my feet, snoring, licking himself, chasing his tail, whining at his ball that he lost under the table. And he has had some pretty significant health issues that we are still in the midst of. But for now, he is stable, he is gaining some weight back, he is getting back to his old routine, and we are feeling good about it. I actually read some of the messages to him out loud. And between his outstanding vet, and laying on hands, and the well-wishes of all of you, he seems like he has turned the corner. So thank you for that, and for your understanding.


And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. We are picking up where we left off two weeks ago. We are still talking about elemental magick, but now we are dealing with air magick. I am a Libra, which is an air sign, and we are about to be in Libra season beginning this Saturday, so the time is definitely right to explore the element of air. Which is not as sexy as fire or as mysterious as water or even as exciting as earth magick, which includes you know, health and money matters. But air magick is not without its many and varied uses.


Air magick is an excellent choice for spell work related to communication, which is probably the most obvious application, I would think. And again, communication is not exciting and fun, usually, but it’s an enormous part of a lot of the work that we do, and I’ll explain why. But even on its own, communication is so important. And I’m not just harping on this because I’m an air sign. But that’s probably part of it.


Because let me tell you, I be talking. I have a podcast, for Christ’s sake. I can’t stand miscommunication, and I simply will not abide it. In fact it is my least favorite trope in books, movies and television. Like, if the main conflict in a story could be solved with a thirty minute uncomfortable conversation, then I am not interested. So just keep that in mind if you’re ever gonna give me book recommendations. I am always gonna talk it out. And I know that’s not always a good thing, but here’s the truth: if you and I are ever in the midst of a disagreement, we are gonna hash that shit out.


There’s no silent treatment, there’s no storming off or hanging up in the middle of a conversation, and there is most definitely not going to be any misunderstandings. We are gonna talk it out until you are so sick of the sound of my voice. And when it is all said and done, we are gonna understand each other perfectly. We still may not agree, we still may not find common ground, we may not even be friends anymore, but it won’t be because we don’t understand each other, or because there was some shit left unsaid.


All that to say, communication matters, and it matters in magick, too. So if we are doing spell work that will require us to use our voice, either the spoken word or the written word, air magick is where it’s at. And for this reason, I definitely like air magick for relationship work. I know that we typically think of fire magick for love and relationships because it’s associated with passion and sex, but we can’t underestimate the power of air when we are trying to deepen a romantic relationship.


Sex is a big part of the equation, but communication, understanding, acceptance, and harmony are even bigger factors in the long-term success of a relationship. We might only banging a few hours a week, so we gotta figure out how to get along the rest of the time, too. And so air magick for strengthening a relationship, for helping to create a bridge of understanding, is going to be incredibly useful in a relationship.


Communication can also going to be a big factor in spell work related to career or schooling. If you’ve got an interview, if you’ve got to make a good impression at a work function, if you’re trying to land new clients, if you’ve got a presentation to give air magick is going to be really helpful. It’s going to support our efforts to express ourselves and to help us to be understood.


And like, if you have a court case coming up and you want to make sure that you make your case as clearly and concisely as you can, then air magick is going to work doubly well because air magick is also associated with justice. 


Air magick is also the ticket for work related to travel. And so if you’re trying to plan a trip, or you’ve got designs on moving away from where you live, or you want to open yourself to working at a new company. That’s the kind of thing that air magick can really support.


And the last thing I want to include in a discussion about air magick is knowledge. The element of air is what we call when we are searching for truth. And so this will include divination, astral travel, divine truth, visions, enlightenment, you know, all these really cool, mystical applications that air magick is uniquely attuned to. So, maybe it doesn’t get all the attention that the other elements get, but it’s still pretty goddamned cool.


And with that said, let’s talk about how we can actually perform air magick. The first and most basic form of air magick that we use and are probably most familiar with is smoke cleansing. Anytime that we burn incense, sage, palo santo, or any herbs to cleanse a space, we are performing air magick. This is a really effective form of protective magick. This is a great way to cast a circle before beginning a ritual or a spell, and it’s a great way to establish a perimeter, so to speak, before beginning any kind of divination.


I always use incense to cleanse my tarot decks before each reading, and I use the smoke to cleanse my space before and after a reading just to clear any lingering funk, any heaviness, and unwanted or uninvited entities that might feel like they want to hang around. So I just really wanted to make sure that I mentioned that. 


But beyond that, we can use air magick elements in our spellwork to combine those aspects that we want to include in our work. So if for example I’m performing a spell to find a new job, then I might want to add air magick elements to make sure that I nail the interview, or if I’m working a love spell then I might want to add air magick herbs to support my intention that the person I meet is a good intellectual match for me.


If I am doing a spell to move to a new house or apartment, then some air magick crystals can support the travel aspect of that work. If I’m doing ancestor work, you bet your sweet ass I’m including some ingredients with strong air magick associations in that work. Because I’m going to want to encourage the communication between worlds, I’m going to want to make sure the messages come in loud and clear, and I’m going to want to make sure that I receive their wisdom. And I can ensure all of that with air magick herbs, plants, crystals, gemstones, etcetera. 


So let’s go right down the roster and we are gonna begin with stones and crystals with air magick correspondences: quartz, sodalite, topaz, agate, desert rose, moldavite (which I know is a really trendy crystal right now, so please make sure you’ve got a reputable source), blue tourmaline, and celestite.


Plants and trees include apple, cedar, mistletoe, nutmeg, reed, sandalwood, frankincense, pine, walnut, and star anise. Herbs include thyme, yarrow, sage, clover, marjoram, and lavender. Now, you can include any of these items to any spell you’re already working for just about any purpose and it will help to impart that air magick aspect. And that’s important to remember as we are going through all of these elemental magick episodes.


Very few of the spells we work are strictly of one element. Most of the work we do will include aspects of two or more elements and that’s a good thing. We are witches, we celebrate balance. We understand that there can be no light without dark, and no winter without summer, and no fire without water. So mixing and matching elements in our work is not the sign of a sloppy witch. It just demonstrates an understanding that we can draw from a lot of different areas to ensure that our work is as effective as it can be.


And the last bit of info I want to impart before we close is the recipe for divination oil. This is the same recipe I sell in my Etsy shop. It’s the one I use before I perform tarot readings, I anoint my Third Eye and my throat chakra before I begin a reading to help me to receive messages and then to communicate them accurately and clearly. And the recipe for this oil is as follows: 


We begin as always with our carrier oil. You can use olive oil or coconut oil and get great results, I prefer to use mineral oil. The reason for this is simply because this is an oil that I anoint myself with an awful lot. And I like a mineral oil on my skin. I’ll even add some vitamin E oil to it when I have some on hand. So, a couple ounces of mineral oil in a small pot over very low heat. 


To this, I add mugwort to encourage visions and enhance the powers of divination, sandalwood to activate and awaken awareness, patchouli for divine knowledge, star anise for clairvoyance, and clove for psychic ability. If you don’t have some of these, just leave them out and include what you do have. Warm this mixture over low heat for 20 minutes or so, and then turn off the flame and let it cool to room temperature. 


Strain out all the plant material and put your oil in a little bottle or jar and use it on yourself or add it to your spell work as you see fit. Anytime you have a working that you believe could use some zesty air magick, give it a few drops of your oil. I also like to put a small piece of amethyst in the bottle with the oil. Amethyst is such a powerful stone for prophecy and divine knowledge, so I like to keep some right inside the oil. Gives it a nice kick.


And yes, this is divination oil, so use it when you’re performing divination of any kind, but also when you’re meditating, or attempting lucid dreaming or astral travel, or ancestor work, or even when you’re just about to have an important discussion. It’s helpful to open channels of communication with the universe and with our higher self any time we need to make sure that we are expressing ourselves the way we want to.


And with that, I will close this episode out. We are going to talk about fire magick next week so we are definitely going to talk about sex and love and hate and passion and drive, and all kinds of fun stuff, so please make sure to join me. Have a lovely Mabon, a beautiful autumn equinox, and a great weekend. My name is Eli Ro, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch podcast.


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