Hello everyone and I do hope you’re having a great week. We’ve definitely been in a bit of a turbulent energy shift. Leaving that sort of pensive, brooding Pisces season and heading into the action-oriented, ambitious Aries season has kind of given me whiplash myself. Your girl is exhausted. But I’ve also felt ready to try something new, maybe something a little scary. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone a bit, I think is what I’m trying to say here.

And you know what? I’m not the only one. I tend to see trends from week to week in the messages that I get from witches who write to me, and I think it’s fair to say that a lot of us are feeling the need to break some new ground. People are looking for new jobs, people are looking to establish new boundaries in their relationships, people are looking to break out of old paradigms and set new patterns for themselves. And that take-no-shit Aries energy is the perfect impetus for that kind of self-advocacy. So I am here for it.

Now today, I thought we would talk about the Akashic Records and so we are just going to dive headfirst right into it. It’s another one of those out-there kind of topics that may or may not land for everyone, but we are going for it anyway. The Akashic Records, to be very concise, are a compilation of every event, every thought, every action, every life, every emotion, every intention, every word spoken, that has been or ever will be experienced by all entities, both human and non-human, for all of eternity.

A lot of mystics will describe it as being a sort of Google search engine for all of the experiences of the entirety of the universe. And if we know how to log into it, and we can figure out how to navigate it, we can have access to all kinds of information. And that’s the reason that I think it bears learning about. But I understand that for folks who aren’t really familiar with it, it is a bananas concept.

This is another one of those obscure concepts in the craft that I will tell you right off the bat, isn’t going to resonate with everyone. But coming off the heels of the Reincarnation and Past lives episode that we did in February and all of the interest that witches are still expressing even though that was almost a month ago now, I felt like this might be something that some folks want to pursue, and if not, maybe it will at least be of academic interest for those of us who don’t have any desire to actively pursue it.

And now for the short history lesson. So the Akashic Records really came to the fore thanks to the 19th century Ukrainian occultist Helena Blavatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society. I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds on the subject of the Theosophical Society, but this was a group of radical thinkers, especially for the time, that was very interested in exploring occultism, to include Hermetic Qabalah and Eastern religions. Their so-called Three Objects of the Theosophical Society are as follows:

To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour.
To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science.
To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man.

The Theosophical Society was not a religion in the strictest sense, this group was and remains a non-sectarian entity. Dogma has no place in this movement. Anyone from any religious tradition could apply for membership as long as they could accept and observe and work to realize those Three Objects. And one of the concepts that Helena Blavatsky pioneered was the idea of “indestructible tablets of the astral light” which she said were a record of both the past and future of human thought and action.

And she also brought the Sanskrit term Akasha to the Theosophical Society. Akasha in Sanskrit means aether, which is the fifth element, or life force. For the Greeks, aether was the pure essence that the gods breathed. In medieval alchemy, aether was the medium that made up the heavenly bodies. Author and Theosophist CW Leadbetter crystallized these concepts in his 1899 book Clairvoyance, and he further went on to identify the Akashic Records by name as something that a clairvoyant could read.

And a lot of notable clairvoyants kind of pounced on this concept once it was given a name, and sort of realized, oh hey, this makes sense to me as a psychic medium, because this is what I’ve been interpreting all this time. And I do mean notable clairvoyants.

Edgar Cayce known as the Sleeping Prophet, who was a devout Christian by the way, would induce a trance-like state and answer questions about all kinds of topics. Healing, reincarnation, dreams, the afterlife, past lives, Atlantis, and of course, future events. And he claimed that he accessed the Akashic Records to get this information.

Dolores Cannon, who we mentioned in passing in the Reincarnation episode, was a pioneering past life regression hypnotist who developed her own method of hypnosis called the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. And she helped her clients to access the Akashic Records in order to discover their past lives and previous incarnations.

It is thought that while clairvoyants have access to the entire Akashic Record, or at least really large sections of it, all of us have access to the parts of the Akashic Records that have to do with ourselves, and our previous lives, our future lives, our significant events and experiences. And this is why I give a shit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love all the information we’ve received about extra-dimensional beings and Atlantis and like, Nostradamus and whatever, but I want to know as much as I can about who I am, what I’ve done, and what I’m meant to do.

So let’s go through a couple different methods and see how we might be able to access our own Akashic Records to serve our own higher purpose. No matter how we choose to try and access our records, I believe that the best way to start is by being laser focused about what it is that we want to know. Because remember, the Akashic Records contain everything. With a capital EVERYTHING, so even if we do manage to get to a place where that information can begin to reveal itself to us, we are going to be so overwhelmed by all of the information that there is to sift through.

So the more refined and specific our question is, the better our results are going to be. So we might define our intention as ‘is my partner a good match for me, or are we just too different’ or maybe we might define our intention as ‘why do I find it difficult to set boundaries’ and once we get those answers, we can start to work on creating new patterns for ourselves. And that actually is the second part of clarifying our intention is understanding how we want to use the information to help ourselves, or how we hope to use the information.

Again, this is just my advice and I only suggest it because if we don’t have that clear idea in our heads of what we want to know and what we hope to get from it before we begin, we are probably not going to get much of anything out of it. It’s like, imagine if we just picked up your tarot deck and started flipping cards with no question or concern in mind. We’d get some messages, some information, but it won’t make a whole lot of sense if we don’t give the deck some direction before we begin.

If we do decide to dig into those past lives, we might also want to take the time to write some questions down beforehand so that if we kind of feel like the information is stalling or whatever, we won’t just blank out on what we want to know. I’m not trying to project my issues onto you, but this is something that I personally find helpful. It keeps me on track. So if I’m doing a session and I want to go back to those past lifetimes, I might ask what kind of job did I have in a previous life? Or I might ask if I had a family? What were they like? Where did I live? One that could be very important is asking if I experienced any sort of traumatic event that is affecting me in my current lifetime?

And by now, I’m sure you’re totally on board and you’re just waiting to find out how we can unlock the door to this absolute treasure trove of information and the answer is you probably already have. At some point in life, we have all had a dream that felt too real. Maybe we relived some moment from our past, maybe we experienced something that we later went on to experience in waking life, maybe we had some glimpse into a past life that we didn’t recognize, but which we knew in our souls to be true. This was more than likely our unconscious mind giving us a peek behind the curtain.

But we can learn to access this in our waking lives, too. It is very easy to do when we are sleeping, because we’re already in an altered state of consciousness, no doubt. This is why professional past life regression sessions lean so heavily on hypnosis, but we can do this ourselves. And it’s basically meditation, I don’t care what anyone says, I am not here for gatekeeping, we do not need to overcomplicate what is essentially a very deep form of meditation. So find someplace quiet and comfortable where you won’t be disturbed, leave your phone in the other room, get comfy.

If you are concerned about opening yourself up to unwanted entities while you’re engaged in this kind of meditation, please feel free to cast a protective circle or to invite your guardians, your ancestors, your guides to remain with you during this time. You can definitely find guided meditations on YouTube that have been specifically written for navigating through the Akashic Records if you feel like you would benefit from that kind of guidance, and it can be really helpful for keeping the mind focused on the task at hand. I myself tend to drift a lot of the time, when I’m left to my own devices.

And a little tip that I picked up from a witch who wrote in after we did the meditation episode is that lighting a candle and focusing on the flame can be really helpful for those of us who struggle to keep our minds on one point of thought for any length of time. So if that’s something you think might help, then there’s no reason not to try it. It has really helped my own meditation game.

If you’re not going to go the guided meditation route, then just find your quiet place, sit or lie back in the most comfortable position you can find, light your candle if you’re going to use that as a point of focus, and begin quietly, gently, and calmly repeating your opening question, again and again, like a mantra. You can speak out loud, or you can just say it in your mind. After some time, sitting, breathing deeply, repeating your question, once you find yourself in a very peaceful and dreamlike state of mind, ask to access the Akashic Records to find the answer to your question.

Wait for a response. You may receive images in your mind’s eye, you may get impressions, you may hear words or receive physical sensations. If you don’t receive any feelings, impressions or images at all, don’t be discouraged. Go right back to your mantra, remain calm and serene, and try again in another few minutes.

Sometimes, we might get the sense that someone else is nearby when we are accessing the records. Don’t freak out, especially if you’ve cast a circle beforehand. This is not anything or anyone to be afraid of. This is just a guide, and you can introduce yourself to this entity and ask them directly to help you access the information you’re looking for.

Once you’ve asked all the questions that you can think of, go ahead and bring yourself back into present consciousness and write down as much as you can remember. This is another reason why having those questions written ahead of time is so important, you can jot down any impressions or words or images or thoughts or feelings that came up during your session right below the question.

And don’t make yourself crazy trying to interpret everything all at once. Some of the messages we receive will make sense right away, other things we might need to sit with for a while, and other things are going to make more sense as we continue to do this exercise and learn more about our records. The more often we can do this, the easier it becomes and the more information we are able to collect.

This is not something that you may be able to crack the first or second or even the third time that you try it. Anytime we try to go inward, we have a tendency to meet ourselves with resistance. But we can’t allow ourselves to be discouraged. There’s nothing that the gurus have that we don’t have, except for maybe patience. And that’s something we can develop. This is not something that you’re either born with or you’re not. All of us can come to know ourselves and the universe as intimately as we choose.

There are so many different directions that we can take this, so much potential for self-discovery and broadening our understanding of life and the universe and our place within it. And before you write in, yes, we can ask questions and try to find out information for other people too. But is that ethical? Well, that’s a question you’re going to have to answer for yourself. I’m not the arbiter of ethics, I’m just Eli.

And that’s all there is to it. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, I would absolutely adore any stories from people who’ve been able to access their own records and just whatever you may want to share. You can email me at eli@middleagedwitch.com, you can message me from the website at middleagedwitch.com, or you can find me on social media at @middleagedwitch. Please take care of yourself, show yourself some kindness this weekend, and join me again next week. My name is Eli Ro, and this has been the Middle-Aged Witch podcast.



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